Recycled Newspaper Decorative Bowl

Gail from Purple Hues and Me was more than a little surprised to see newspaper bowls for sale online for ridiculous prices, especially considering the materials cost next to nothing! The crafter in Gail told her she could make the bowls herself – and that’s just what she did. This is a great way to […Read More]

Personalized Baseball Display Shelf

A friend of Debbie from Painted Therapy was ready to purchase a baseball display shelf for her sons when she thought of Debbie and wondered if she could work her DIY magic and make them for her. Debbie loves a challenge and easily created these two adorable shelves with just a few tools. They are […Read More]

A New Towel Rack for a Remodeled Bathroom

Kayla of Homecoming has been knee deep in a master suite remodel. She squeezed in this quickie project for her master bath that was inspired by a wooden towel rail from Target that wasn’t the size or color she wanted. Through DIY Kayla was able to select the perfect stain color and hardware to match […Read More]

Old Glory Patriotic Pillow

Lisa from Celebrate Creativity created the most beautiful American flag pillow that looks like it came straight from a high-end catalog. Lisa’s workmanship is stellar, and she certainly doesn’t skimp on the details – from a custom envelope back to ruby red piping to embroidered stars. Lisa says, “Classic American style has never been easier […Read More]

Fruit and Flower Embellished Picture Frame

Amy from Delineate Your Dwelling was inspired to embellish a plain wood photo frame with little fruits, veggies, and flowers. I love that Amy’s frame is fun yet classy with a crisp white finish. Amy says that this project really opened her eyes to all the random items you could spray paint and then glue […Read More]

Rustic Tree Trunk Stool with Hairpin Legs

Katie from Upcycled Treasures is a sucker for rustic, nature-like décor. She was inspired to create an accent stool with a tree trunk top and hairpin legs using basic materials from the hardware store for only $20. And most of you will be happy to know that no welding is involved in creating the metal […Read More]

Bright and Bold Striped Trunk Makeover

Sarah of Sarah M. Dorsey Designs shares at Infarrantly Creative how she gave a beat up trunk she picked up at the thrift store for only $7 a bright and bold makeover with painted stripes. The transformation involved cleaning and priming the trunk and then taping off the stripe pattern and painting away. It’s amazing […Read More]

Wooden Votive Candle Centerpiece

Breanna from Brepurposed saw a beautiful wood candle centerpiece while browsing online but says her heart skipped a beat when she saw the price – $69.99 for a piece of wood with holes in it?! Yikes! Breanna knew she could recreate it for a fraction of the price. She even improved on the original design […Read More]