Decorative Horse Weather Vane

Tracy from Tracy’s Trinkets and Treasures isn’t a western gal but appreciates the beauty of horses. Ready for a little change, she created her own horse weather vane for free using cardstock, wooden skewers, and a paint mix stick. Tracy’s version looks almost identical to Ballard’s inspiration piece. I love its placement atop those vintage [...Read More]

Jute Covered Green Glass Jars

Heidi from Fostering a Creative Life has a love for jute that runs deep. When she saw some jute covered demijohns from Ballard, she knew she needed them and set out to find the perfect green glass jars. Heidi says, “The key is finding the right glassware to use and perfecting the technique of tight [...Read More]

Burlap and Canvas Cube Ottoman

After receiving Ballard’s new fall catalog, Mel from Junkin’ Junky quickly got to work with a fairly simple knockoff. Mel created her own burlap cube by covering a storage cube with burlap and drop cloth and using straps from a grocery bag for handles. Like her inspiration piece, she stenciled the lettering to make her [...Read More]

Burlap Pinboard with Ampersand

Shirley from These Moments of Mine loved the look of a Ballard burlap magnetic board but not the price. (We can all identify with that!) In addition to saving sixty bucks plus shipping, Shirley was able to modify the design to meet her own tastes. She opted to use corkboard instead of making it magnetic [...Read More]

Macramé Antique Bottle

Back in the 70’s Susan from Homeroad could macramé with the best of them. This proved to be quite the useful skill when she laid eyes on demijohns covered with jute in a catalog. Susan had the perfect antique bottle to make her own and got to work with her waxed string. With just a [...Read More]

Black Café Shelving

It was love at first sight when Laura from Inspiration For Moms laid eyes on some café shelves in a catalog. Unfortunately, their purchase would cost her a Benjamin for each shelf. What’s a girl to but make them herself?!? With a little cutting, nailing, and painting, Laura had her shelves just in time to [...Read More]

Beveled Mirror with Silver Trim

A beveled mirror with antique trim caught the eye of Leslie, from Goodbye, House. Hello, Home! Since she doesn’t pay full price for anything, the $199.00 mirror was not definitely not happening. Fortunately, her leftover decor stash in the basement held a mirror that was perfect for this knockoff. It only took a little paint [...Read More]

Alphabet Christmas Tree Bulbs

Laura from Laurmela’s House saw a tutorial for Ballard-inspired alphabet ornaments and decided they would make great gifts for her friends. She made one bulb for each couple using the initial for their last name. I love the little Scrabble-like tile she attached to the top with twine. If you’re feeling ambitious, you could make [...Read More]