Wood Cupcake Carrier Box

DIY Cupcake Carrier Inspired by Anthropologie

You know those time when you need a way to transport cupcakes to your child’s class for a birthday or to a party at a friend’s house, but, alas, you have no way to carry them? Jaime from That’s My Letter has the answer to all your cupcake carrying needs with this Anthropologie-inspired wooden cupcake […Read More]

Animal Jewelry Trinket Trays

Anthropologie Knockoff Jewelry Trinket Trays

Beverly from Flamingo Toes always has the BEST jewelry-making tutorials – and now an adorable way to store those handmade baubles! Beverly made these Anthropologie-inspired trinket trays using small dishes and plastic animals. With a coat of glossy white paint and gold polka dots, they look just like her inspiration – only much cheaper! Beverly […Read More]

Metallic Dot Glasses

DIY Metallic Dot Glasses inspired by Anthropologie

Tasha from Designer Trapped in a Lawyer’s Body was inspired by one of her favorite stores to take plain old glasses to the next level with Sharpies. All you need to make your own are cheapo dollar store glasses (or some from your own cabinet!) and a couple of metallic oil-based Sharpies.  These are inexpensive […Read More]

Oversized Zinc Letters for Only $20

Oversized Zinc Letters inpired by Anthropologie

Anthropologie’s zinc letters have gotten their fair share of attention from DIYers. Carrie from Lovely Etc. also wanted to replicate their beloved look, but she had her eye on the oversized letters for her son’s nursery. The ones that cost $98 a piece. Of course, that wasn’t happening! Instead, Carrie broke out her jigsaw and […Read More]

Vintage Storage Boxes

Anthropologie Inspired Distressed Storage Boxes

Angela from Life in Velvet loved centuries-old French storage boxes available through Anthropologie. Yes, they were one-of-a-kind heritage pieces. However, they were also $140 a piece! Angela didn’t want to spend that much for storage for her new office, so she instead made over wood bins from Home Goods with a similar look. She pulled […Read More]

Hanging Rope Planter

DIY Hanging Planter {Anthropologie Knock Off}

Brittany from Confessions of a Secret Crafter has a little bit of an obsession with succulents and found a fun way to display them with this hanging planter. Brittany had the brilliant idea to use wood bangles to hold the pots. They already have a hole in the middle, so she only needed to drill […Read More]

Stacked Wood Slice Lamp

Anthropologie Inspired Wood Slice Lamp

Tasha from Designer Trapped in a Lawyer’s Body has a serious love affair with all things Anthropologie – including a lamp that cost $598! Wowzers! Of course, it was way out of Tasha’s budget, but that didn’t mean she couldn’t get a similar look. Tasha purchased wood slices online and a lamp kit and made […Read More]

DIY Wood Knife Block

Anthropologie Inspired Knife Block

Ashley from Bigger Than the Three of Us saw Anthropologie’s Bamboo Knife Blocks last year and just fell in love with them. However, she would need the larger size, which rang in at close to $70. Ashley says, “I can be frugal and knew that I could make one for much less than that. So, […Read More]