IKEA Rast Dresser Hack

I’ve seen enough IKEA hacks that you wouldn’t think I’d be amazed when I came across a new transformation. However, Sara of Sincerely, Sara d blew me away with this glamorous makeover of the IKEA Rast dresser. Sara gave the originally plain, unfinished dresser the look of luxury with mirrored drawers, decorative trim, and baluster […Read More]

Printmaker’s TV Stand with TONS of Storage

As much as his wife may love Anthropologie, Jamison from Rogue Engineer says dishing out $1,698 for a console table was out of the question. Instead, he took the design for the table she loved and recreated it for a fraction of the price. And what’s as good as saving tons of moola? Storage – […Read More]

IKEA Hack Painted Rug

Calling all Anthropologie-lovers! Here’s a fun tutorial for knocking off a $598 rug for a mere $80! Madeline shares at Brit + Co how to take a cheap rug from IKEA and turn it into a Anthropologie look-a-like with just painter’s tape and paint. I have long loved painting on fabric, and this is just […Read More]

Simple DIY Gold Sunburst Mirror

Megan from Biltsy felt a little pitter patter when she laid eyes on the Queen Anne’s Lace Mirror from Anthropologie. She challenged herself to replicate the look of the eye-catching mirror using a few simple craft supplies – gold wire, Styrofoam, and a round mirror. Megan’s mirror looks amazingly like her inspiration but for waaay […Read More]

Tissue Paper and Tassel Pencils

Sometimes it’s just little things that make your day a little brighter and work a little more fun – like brightly colored pencils with tissue paper tassels! Linda from Burlap + Blue shows how to doll up your ordinary yellow number two pencil with tissue paper and says, “I know I’m tooting my own horn […Read More]

Decorative Letter from Old Book

Angela from Unexpected Elegance just loves Anthropologie and the eclectic, timeworn feel of the store. She says, “ They sell certain one-0f-a-kind things that can’t be duplicated but others that are total DIY projects waiting to happen.” This library letter was a DIY-waiting-to-happen kind of project! Angela already had tons of books on hand so […Read More]

Freebie Dresser Gets an Industrial Makeover

While making a Craigslist run with her mom to look at a dining set, Jen from Girl in the Garage became the proud owner of a secondhand six-drawer dresser. The owner literally gave it to her just to save the trip to Goodwill. Woot woot! Jen knew a complete overhaul was in order and transformed […Read More]

Weathered Grey Dresser Makeover

While working on a master bedroom makeover for a client, Pam from Simple Details set out to recreate the look of a weathered dresser with leather and brass finishes from Anthropologie. The client already had an unfinished wood dresser built by her dad, so Pam turned to paint to transform the plain dresser. I think […Read More]