XOXO Valentine’s Pillow Covers


Looking for more subdued Valentine’s décor that doesn’t overload you with red and pink, hearts, and glitter? Look no further than these XOXO pillows that Katie at View from the Fridge sewed up for her home. Katie loves the simple, neutral look and subtle hints at Valentine’s Day. Oh, and of course the price! Katie paid only $25 to make all FOUR pillows, which would have cost her a shocking $600 if purchased from Anthropologie!

xoxo valentines pillows

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Pom-Pom Trim Embellished Curtains


When it comes to selecting curtains, Lindsay from Makely School for Girls usually goes for muted panels that blend with the wall. However, for her daughter’s big girl room, Lindsay wanted to make a bold statement and add texture to the neutral walls. What better way to get the job done than with pom-poms? Lots and lots of pom-poms… 45 rows to be exact! Lindsay devoted hours to hot gluing pom-pom trim onto store-bought panels, and while it may have taken longer than expected, the result is vibrant, fun, and simply beautiful!

pom pom trim curtains

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DIY Desktop Organizer Goes Glam


Have you been on an organization mission since the new year? Marisa, DIY contributor at Freutcake, shares how to create a desktop organizer that will tame those pencils and paperclips in no time! Marisa simply glued glass cylinders to a pine board and then glammed it all up with copper spray paint. You can purchase glasses like Marissa or upcycle old jars or glasses for an even thriftier DIY!


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Vintage Floral and Gingham Kitchen Towel


There’s only so much decorating you can do in a kitchen, so it’s fun when you can add flair through simple things like your kitchen towels. Jen from Eat.Sleep.Make sewed up a vintage-style kitchen towel that features a large floral motif and gingham print. Jen went all out with the details, sewing all around the applique, adding “rough lines” with a Sharpie, and blanket-stitching the edge for a pop of color and texture.

anthropologie inspired kitchen towel

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Fun and Festive Felt Garland for All Occasions


I love creating things out of felt. It’s crazy cheap, comes in an array of colors, and with a dose of creativity can become something beautiful. Kym from Cobberson + Company created a colorful and festive garland by simply cutting strips of felt, tying them into little bows, and stringing them onto fishing line. It was a project that came in at less than $10 and is fun to pull out throughout the year for birthdays and other events. As Kym suggests, you could even customize the colors for specific holidays, like a red and pink garland for Valentine’s Day.

colorful felt garland

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Easy Pom-Pom Tassel Pillow


Melissa from The Inspired Room isn’t ashamed to admit that she’s got a major crush on all things Anthropologie! When she saw a fun pom-pom pillow there, Melissa knew she wanted one AND that she could make it for less. Melissa just used a pillow cover she already had and stitched on some pom-pom trim. Super simple and super cute!

diy pom pom trim pillow

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Appliqued Deer Silhouette Pillow


Jessica from Sew Homegrown created this deer head silhouette pillow to add a little festivity to her couch. Jessica’s hubs drew a pattern (that has kindly been made available to Jessica’s readers), which Jessica traced and cut from a colorful, textured fabric. She then used a dense zigzag stitch to sew the deer to the front square of the pillow. Like Jessica, I love that this pillow is seasonal without being too Christmas-y, so you don’t have to pack it up with the rest of your Christmas decorations.


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Inventor’s Bell Jar Lamp

bell jar lamp

I can’t help but get excited when I come across a knock-off that’s totally unique and fun, and this lamp from Jessica at Mad In Crafts is all that and more! Jessica designed her “steampunk-style, industrial accent lamp” using a secondhand bell jar from Goodwill and metal odds and ends from her local Habitat for Humanity ReStore. She spent  only $20 on materials, which is a far cry from the $1298 price tag of her inspiration!

bell jar lamp

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