Painted Wood Patterned Coasters


Abby at Just a Girl and Her Blog recently came upon some colorful coasters at Anthropologie that she absolutely loved and immediately thought, “I can make those!” With some plywood, washi tape, and a little bit of paint, Abby easily created her own coasters that are really similar to the original– and they were free since she had the supplies on hand. I love when even a coaster can add some serious style to your space!

diy coasters from plywood

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“If You Can Trace It, You Can Make It” Owl Pillow


Lindsay from My Crafty Spot loved the idea of creating pillows that mimic the look of framed art. She found a way to make her own for less than $10 using a paint marker and a steady hand. Lindsay says, “The real beauty of this is that ANYONE can do it! You might have to find your image online, but creating it is as easy as tracing letters in kindergarten, and saving $90 isn’t too awful either.”

owl pillow

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Styrofoam Cone Wall “Planter”


Do you love flowers and greenery but have a black thumb? Morena from Morena’s Corner created a lovely floral wall cone to help usher spring into her home – and guess what? It requires no watering thanks to the use of a Styrofoam cone and faux flowers. The Styrofoam makes for a super lightweight “planter” that’s simple to hang on the wall. You get the look of fresh flowers for spring without the upkeep!

cone wall planter

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Make a Lace Trim Mirror with Only Hot Glue


Cheryl from Snaps of Ginger recreated a beautifully detailed mirror from Anthropologie using only three materials for a grand total of ten dollars! Cheryl started off with a mirrored candle plate from Hobby Lobby, added some metallic gold trim with hot glue, and VOILA! You could easily use this technique to make a larger, eye-catching piece or create several small mirrors with slightly different designs to cluster together. They are so easy why not make a few???

gold lace mirror

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Monogram Mug Party Favors


For her daughter’s birthday party, Randi of Dukes & Duchesses didn’t let her guests leave empty-handed! Randi personalized mugs for each of her daughter’s friends using a glass paint marker and even filled them with coffee-flavored candies for a sweet treat. These may just be dollar store mugs, but the monogram really adds a special touch and would make your guests feel like you went the extra mile for them!

diy monogram mugs

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Faux Zinc Letters in Two Simple Steps


Love the look of zinc letters but not the cost? Check out this tutorial from The Krazy Coupon Lady on how to make your own in just a couple of simple steps. This is a project ANYONE can do with a foam brush and a couple of bottles of paint from the craft store.

diy zinc letters

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Cheap and Easy Colorful Felt Garland


Once a long time ago Roberta of Mommy Like Whoa loved to fill her house with all of Anthropologie’s pretties. Then she got married and had kids who broke many of those expensive pretties. Doh! Roberta says luckily she is a crafty gal and has been able to create her own pretties for way less cash – like this colorful felt garland she made for free using scraps of felt and embroidery thread. This is adorable for a party or just day-to-day hanging on a mantel or draped on a buffet.

felt garland

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Simple DIY Painting That Makes a Big Impact


Carmody of Paper & Fox was browsing Anthropologie for inspiration when she came across a beaded zipper pouch with colors and a simple design that she liked. However, Carmody wasn’t fond of the price of the little pouch, so she decided to apply the concept to make her own DIY painting. Sometimes it’s the simplest things that make the biggest impact!

anthropologie inspired wall art

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