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“Cast Iron” Curtain Rods

Decorating a new home can be expensive – especially when it comes to window treatments.  That’s why Heather from Fake-It Frugal decided to forego the expense without sacrificing style and make her own “cast iron” curtain rods.

Heather achieved the look using wood dowels for the rods and clay for the finials. Each decorative rod only cost $2.56 to make versus Pottery Barn’s price of $59.00 each! The savings really rack up if you’ve got a lot of windows to outfit.

diy iron curtain rod

Heather was inspired by the Cast-Iron Drape Rod from Pottery Barn.

Get the how-to at Fake-It Frugal.

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Thursday 8th of March 2012

Great Idea!! I use conduit for curtain rods-- it's only $1-$2 for a 10 foot rod! Cut them down and give them a coat of spray paint and no one ever notices the difference. May I ask where you purchased the curtain rod hangers? I can't seem to find any cheaper than $5 a piece (not even sold in pairs?!) and I'd hate to spend more on the hangers than on the rods and curtains together. :)

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