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Cabinet Makeover

What do you do when you have a drawers or cabinets left over after renovating a kitchen? You repurpose them of course. Finding a new use for an out of date piece of furniture always evokes a sense of pride knowing that you have given it a new life. That is what Sara from Birdz of a Feather did with some leftover kitchen cabinets.

Sara figured out how to apply new fronts with MDF boards and add a vinyl laminate. Not only did she think around the current drawers and their poor looks, but she laminated the front with a picture of her VW Bug.

She provides several pictures showing how she attached the boards to the drawers with good information on how to screw the boards on straight.

Her brilliant addition of the VW picture truly gave the cabinet a unique look and something that made it personal to them. This upcycled set of kitchen cabinets provide function and needed storage in their home. A great project and one that can certainly give a piece of furniture a new place to be in your home.

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