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Burlap Vase with Hymn

Cynthia from Simply Chic Treasures was shopping at Michaels when she came across a pretty burlap vase with script. It was more than she was willing to pay, but, fortunately, Cynthia’s a crafty gal who could fashion one of her own. Enter a dollar vase from Goodwill and a leftover scrap of burlap. I love how Cynthia added the words of her favorite hymn to the burlap. How much more meaningful than some random script that you can’t even read!

burlap vase with hymn

Cynthia was inspired by this Script Burlap Pot from Michaels.

michaels burlap vase

Check out Cynthia’s vase at Simply Chic Treasures.

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Tuesday 6th of November 2012

How did you get the words printed on the burlap?? Just love the idea. Thanks & God bless


Friday 9th of November 2012

Here's what Cynthia says at her site: "I cut out a piece of freezer paper that was the same size as the burlap. I then ironed the freezer paper onto the burlap. The freezer paper stabilizes the burlap so it can go through your printer (inkjet)."


Tuesday 14th of August 2012

can you actually put burlap through an inkjet printer. Perhaps the same as muslin?

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