Burlap Lined Basket

I know I am not alone when I saw that I love a nice basket, so it was no surprise that this burlap-lined one from Summer at Summer Scraps caught my eye. Summer lucked out by finding a basket with a color and texture almost identical to her inspiration at the thrift store for only $1. She used hot glue to loosely line it with burlap and then tied on a piece of jute to finish off the look. What a simple and inexpensive way to dress up a plain basket!

burlap lined basket

Summer was inspired by the retired Burlap Basket Inserts from the PB Prop Collection at Pottery Barn.

PB Prop Collection - Burlap Basket Inserts

Check it out at Summer Scraps.

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  1. Thanks so much for featuring my knock off basket! It was so fun and easy to make :)