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Burlap Cutting for Beginners

Have you tried to cut burlap into squares and found that no matter how many times you measured, it came up crooked? There is a trick to getting burlap straight.

Celeste from Decor By The Seashore shares with us her technique for getting burlap straight every time.

Burlap is loosely woven and the threads tend to drift and shift with the weave. If you want a frayed edge for your craft project this will help.

Celeste shows how to find a strand and pull it completely through the fabric. From there you will want to cut the line left behind.

That now makes your fabric piece straight. If you pull several threads and trim close to the weave, you will have a lovely frayed edge.

At this point, you will want to zig-zag or fray check like Celeste states. If you plan on sewing an 80/12 needle with either cotton or polyester thread will work well.

This is a great technique from Celeste and will help your next burlap craft project turn out beautifully.

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