Burlap Covered Sofa

After seeing “deconstructed” furniture in person, Amanda from Burlap & Denim was even more in love with that mid-construction look than ever. She replicated it with a secondhand sofa and some burlap and thumb tacks. The transformation totaled in at $8.50 thanks to Amanda’s cost-effective substitution of inexpensive thumb tacks for pricey nailheads. Amanda also kept her options open by making sure the burlap and tacks could easily be removed when she’s ready for a change.


Amanda was inspired by the Deconstructed English Roll Arm Sofa from Restoration Hardware.

Deconstructed English Roll Arm Sofa

Find the full tutorial at Burlap & Denim.


  1. I love this “deconstructed” look AND creative use of burlap & “nailheads”!

  2. very nicely done,i like it.