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Built-in Barbeque Grill

Becky from Reinventing the Ordinary loves the elegance and permanence of built-in barbecues.

Not surprisingly, they come with a whopper of a price tag.

Even considering the value such a fancy schmancy BBQ would add to her home, it was still hard for this creative, challenge-loving girl to lay out the thousands!

Instead, Becky decided to tackle the beast head on and create her own.

I am waaay impressed, and that’s coming from another creative, challenge-loving girl!

diy built in barbecue

Becky was inspired by built-in barbeques like this Weber Summit S-660 Built-In Natural Gas Grill sold by Home Depot.


Get the details at Reinventing the Ordinary.

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Monday 4th of July 2016

Love EVERYTHING that you did on your project. It looks like it was done by a professional!

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