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Build Your Own Outdoor Bench

An outdoor bench placed near a door is a great thing to have to rest packages or mail on while you’re trying to unlock the door. Outdoor furniture can be costly though, so many of us just don’t add this to our porches. Jen from jenwoodhouse has designed a beautiful outdoor bench that not only is functional but is also easy and inexpensive to build yourself.

Jen provides us with a tutorial that lists all of the supplies and tools needed for this project. She also has added explicit diagrams of all the steps required to duplicate her bench. Besides the diagrams in the plans, Jen also provides detailed photos making it easy to follow the plan. Jen’s bench can be customized to suit your needs with no elaborate changes. Jen stained the seat boards of her bench and then painted the legs a bright blue to go with her outdoor decor.

Finally, several coats of a poly were added to make the bench weatherproof.

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