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Black and White Stripe Wall Hooks

Sometimes you really can make the exact same thing when you DIY a knock-off on the cheap.

These super useful wall hooks do exactly that when you compare to the inspiration product from Anthropologie.

Whether you rock black & white decor or love the antique feel, check out how Katie makes hers and get inspired, yourself!

DIY striped wall hooks

Striped Hooks Project Background

Katie from Little House of Four says she had been obsessed with some black and white hooks from Anthropologie but just couldn’t justify spending $18 PER hook.

You can imagine Katie’s excitement when she found almost identically shaped hooks at Goodwill for $1.50.

Katie easily transformed the boring white hooks into the Anthro ones with black paint and Frog Tape.

She says, “I’d say this was a pretty successful knock off since I saved $33.00 on two hooks!”

knock off anthro hooks

Project Tips

Hooks like these are fantastic because they can go pretty much anywhere you need them: bathrooms, mudrooms, laundry areas, behind doors, off the kitchen…the list goes on.

A couple of Katie’s secrets to making these look so fab were to use gold leaf rub ‘n buff to help distress the metal arms.

She also used a couple coats of polyurethane to ensure her stripes stay intact and won’t peel or fade with whatever gets hung on them.

Finally, this is one painting project where you don’t want to skimp on the masking tape. Katie used Frog tape, and it worked wonderfully.

Katie was inspired by the B & W Wall Hook from Anthropologie.

B & W hooks

Where to See the DIY Wall Hook Tutorial

Read all the juicy details, steps and more at Little House of Four.

Katie even confesses the hooks inspired her to get her bedroom cleaned up a little bit.

Don’t you just love when a new and simple addition invigorates you to clean? I do, especially when there’s money saved. Amazing how a little DIY goes a long way!

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