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Bidet Benefits: 5 Major Reasons to Get a Bidet


In Europe, bidets are seen as commonplace in most countries and simply part of the bathroom.

They were invented in France in the late 17th century and quickly spread across Italy and Portugal as a hygienic way of washing parts of your lower body.

In the 1960’s it was a product that was introduced in America but never quite took off.

However, the bidet is now having a resurgence as more people are aware of their great uses and benefits.

In this article, we will go through and explain the 5 major bidet benefits you can get from having one installed in your home.

Soon you won’t be able to remember how you lived without one! Read on to find out more about what a bidet can bring to your bathroom.

1. A Bidet is Environmentally Friendly

Having a bidet in your bathroom means you are able to forgo buying toilet roll and wet wipes for your bottom.

Toilet roll and wet wipes can be incredibly harmful to the environment, especially as a lot of wet wipes aren’t biodegradable and can end up clogging up toilet cisterns and pipes.

The average American household (2.6 persons) uses 409 toilet rolls a year. This amount of toilet roll, for every single household, for every single year equates to a lot of trees cut down over a period of time.

This will contribute to deforestation over time and the amount of carbon dioxide in the air not being absorbed quickly enough.

Using a bidet to clean yourself will also be a lot more environmentally friendly than taking a shower or a bath as it uses a lot less water.

It’s not something that you would only use for personal hygiene, but it acts as a great facilitator for the overall maintenance of your personal hygiene.

If you want to learn about how a bidet can save money and help with the environment, see more here!

2. A Bidet is Good for People With Medical Issues


A bidet is perfect for people who do suffer from any mobility issues or disabilities who want to keep up a good level of personal hygiene.

It’s so much easier than using a bath or a shower, which might need modifying.

If you suffer from hemorrhoids or any bowel issues, it may be too painful for you to use toilet paper near your delicate areas.

A bidet can provide a comfortable way for you to clean yourself down there without flaring up any sensitivity or making anything worse.

Elderly or middle-aged users can also benefit from using a bidet as they might struggle with climbing in and out of baths or showers.

With a bidet, you can maintain a decent standard of cleanliness without needing to always use other bathroom equipment.

3. It’s a Talking Point to Your Friends

Having a bidet in your bathroom can be a really interesting talking piece with your friends or family when they come to visit.

A bidet is something that has been a staple of European bathrooms for centuries.

They are now also very popular in Japan and Argentina, as those countries have adopted it into their culture.

In Japan, for example, they have bidets with heated seats and spa functions!

It makes a great discussion piece with people who use your bathroom, perhaps even they will try it out themselves or get one in their own homes.

It can be a focal point for a bathroom and add to the decor and overall interior of the room.


4. Keeps your Body Cleaner and Healthier

The fact of the matter is that toilet paper will remove what it’s supposed to, but it will not be as effective as washing with water.

Regular use of a bidet will improve your hygiene levels around your genital area.

The tendency can be that bacteria spores are gathered from your hands when you wipe and then spread to other areas of the body.

Or even passed on to other people which can cause illnesses and infections.

It is also helpful for people that bleed when they wipe and people who have sensitivity in that area.

The reality is, toilet paper can be wasteful not only to the environment but also can provide an inefficient job when using it to wipe your bottom.

A bidet will always maintain a better level of hygiene for your private parts than by only using toilet paper.

5. A Bidet Will Save You Money


When considering buying a bidet for your home, the thing that can be most attractive is that it will save you money on your energy bills and shopping bills.

Not only will you be able to reduce the amount of toilet paper you buy, but your energy bills will be reduced to the amount of water you have conserved.

North America is one of the greatest consumers of toilet paper in the world, costing families hundreds of dollars a year.

By using a bidet you can stop relying on toilet paper and use a smaller amount of water that you would be using to have unnecessary showers and baths.

It also means that you wouldn’t be having any blockages in your toilet from a build-up of toilet paper which could incur plumbing or replacement costs.

Bidet Benefits: Where Can I Find Out More?


We hope that this article on the 5 top bidet benefits has aided you in becoming more informed on why a bidet can be a great addition for your home.

Bidets can offer not only money saving techniques but are also great for the environment and those with medical issues. Buying a bidet for your bathroom might be the best decision you ever make.

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