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11 DIY Winter Decor Ideas


“The color of springtime is flowers; the color of winter is in our imagination.” – Terri Guillemets

This is a quote that truly tells a lot about the season. It also throws light on the exciting décor we can install during the time.

There are many designs that can be added to your home, outdoor and indoor as part of Christmas decorations.

In addition to these, we can try some casual and contemporary decking up for all parts of your lovely home.

Adding elements that recite a poem in the cold and wintery language of nature.

Simple pine cones to birch branches, the materials needed for DIY are extremely cheap yet very appealing and closely knitted to the great change that is seen around us during the time.

1.Sweater Pillows

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Sweaters create in us a warmth and comfort from the cold and freezy weather.

Pillows are also objects of clear coziness at all time, so how about some sweater pillows for winter this year?

These can be a great addition to the living room or bedroom, hiking the warmth in our hearts to a whole new level.

It is also an item that can help you dust off your quilting habits.

2. Birch Vase

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We have seen a lot of beds with storage space within them. This space can be increased if you have a bed on a raised platform.

Rather than having a small draw that can be pulled out, we can have a long draw with wheels on them to store our blankets for the season.

One thing to keep in your mind is that the area around the bed should be practically empty so that we can pull out the draw comfortably.

3. Words That Froze In Time

Visit Source: has an amazing idea to add some elegance to your winter décor.

Words always have the power to bring much joy to people and if they are beautifully carved and made into a showy piece, it is a real embellishment to your ordinary decorations.

4. Mini Christmas Trees

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Winter and Christmas are so closely knitted together that we might never be able to talk about one without connecting the other.

Here’s a simple way to create your own wooden triangle blocks, liquid gold leaf, craft paints and brush. Paint the wooden blocks with one base touch and let dry.

Later, apply the next coat but on the top paint gold leaf caps to represent stars or snowcap. Leave it to dry completely.

On the dried block, add small golden dots with a pointed brush. Keep all the little trees together and show off your DIYing talents.

5. Pine Cones Are Inevitable

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Pine cones can never be left out from your winter decking up. It is one element right from the lap of mother nature that shouts winter has arrived.

The unrefined look it gives is so grand that pine cones can be arranged anywhere with anything and call it a piece.

Knockoffdecor has some really simple yet exquisite ideas to create beautiful winter decorations.

6. Sweatered Vases

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Time to do some upcycling for this winter. Get all the old sweaters ready to hit the dumpster.

Slip the vase you want to cover into the sleeve of the sweater.

Mark the height of the vase on the sleeve and cut off the rest.

Stitch the wider area and make it fit properly.

Fill the vase with dried twigs with tiny red or white berries. Let the warmth spread around.

7. Homely Signs

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Therusticsign is an amazing place to buy some really gorgeous signs that fill your home with a countryside feel. You can select the designs as you like.

8. Front Porch Winter Deck Up

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The front porch of your home can be the perfect place to set up some winter décor; With the white, fluffy snow spread around all the other items look more realistic.

Lizmarieblog has an amazing tutorial for some amazing decoration for the front door. She has installed some big metal buckets filled with fresh branches and berries.

There is also a little Christmas tree inside one of the buckets. Arrange all the old items like skis, sleds and wooden chairs in front of the door.

9. Pallet Wood Box

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Create a pallet box on your own and place some bell jars in it, filled with some pine tree clippings, antique spoons, cinnamon sticks, etc. The tutorial for making the pallet box can be found in Housebyhoff. This can be used as a centre piece for your dining table and impress people with your wonderful DIYing skills.

10. More Winter Porch Décor

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Porch décor can be made noticeable by a lot of simple things bought together.

Ever thought of filling your black lantern with some white skaters lying around the house.

Decorate the lantern with some fresh green pine branches and pine cones.

Place the lanterns on chairs in front of your main door.

11. Centerpiece from A Branch

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An extraordinary centerpiece may be enough to brighten up the whole mood of the space. It will lessen the need to install many special décors rather fill the space individually.

This sparkly branch centerpiece is a pure form of simple and cheap DIY. Collect some dried up twigs. Fill a glass vase with ‘Snow’ vase filler and insert the twigs into it.

From the branches, add some sparkly ornaments and place the whole creation in a suitable place and enjoy the aura it spreads.

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