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7 Efficient Ways to Organize Your Pet Supplies


Organizing all the rooms at home can be a real task for most of us. You can clear a clutter today, but rest assured there will be a new one made tomorrow.

This becomes even more hectic as the number of members increases, especially when you consider kids…at any age.

So, what if we’ve got some pets too? You already know they add to the chaos of clutter all too well.

We need good organization for our pet supplies too. From toys and accessories to daily food and treats,  their stuff needs to be arranged properly and with easy access.

We should be making sure that the little ones don’t mix up their snacks with the pet snacks. The pet toys should be organized such that they can have access to them when required.

Bathing and grooming items need to be kept accordingly when the medicines should be kept out of reach from them. Here now are some helpful ideas!

1. All in One Place

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When it comes to food, treats and medication it’s a good idea to keep all this stuff in one spot.

Melissa from Polished Habitat gets her laundry room cabinet squared away with pup’s food and supplies.

This not only tidies things up, but it helps family members and even dog-sitters know where they can find everything.

And in Melissa’s case, they can even find how much food to give and what time of day to do it. There’s also no questions about how much medication to give to treat a heartworm condition!

2. Hook Look

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Mason jars are extremely useful when it comes to the purpose of storing things. With the wide mouth that gives ease of access into the jar, they are chosen by anyone who loves organizing and arranging things.

This DIY hack helps you to arrange your pet’s snacks, toys and belts in a very beautiful way.

Get ahold of a pallet frame that is painted and designed in your own imaginative way.

Attach hose clamps and coat hooks that can be used to hang and hold the accessories and jars.

The hose clamps should be wide enough to hold the mason jars and keep them secure. You can decorate the frame as you wish.

3. Upcycling Urges

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Thegardenfrog changed an old and unused magazine table to a pretty looking doggie food bar. It’s compact and cheap but highly efficient to have a mess-free food storage and eating area for your fur ball.

This can avoid showing the old doggy bowls in front of guests. It’s also a way to train your pets in clean eating methods.

This can be made use accordingly if you have more than one pet and teach them the orderly method sharing a space with each other.

It can be installed on the side of the kitchen cabinet and is not consuming much space in the room.

4. Canisters To The Rescue

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It’s always fun to match everything in the home with the colour and mood of the space. Same applies for the pet supplies and containers as well.

Metal canisters are a necessary storage set that comes in different sizes and shapes.

They are easy to handle and non-fragile that the kids can handle them with much confidence.

When you are preparing a corner for the pet supplies, buy a canister set, paint them as you like and arrange them for pet food and accessories separately.

Apart from the larger canisters containing the large quantity of food, smaller attractive containers can be used to carry treats when you take them out on a walk.

The cleaning products can be placed in cleaning baskets of any sort but more fun when it also matches with the other stuff.

Besides the cleaning supplies, it’s recommended to keep a flashlight so that you can know where the urine mess is found on the floors. Use poop bags to contain the smelly mess and easily throw them out.

Find a suitable corner for the little one and arrange everything accordingly.

Place a rug on the floor so that the snack or food doesn’t make a stained mess on the floor.

The rug should have a surface to keep the feeding bowls intact and not let them be pushed around making stains on it.

5. Food Sorter

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We have varieties of food and snacks for the pets to gorge on different occasions. Buying a storage box for each type of snack will shell out quite some amount of money from your pocket.

So, grab a popcorn tin which has been emptied of its contents and paint it in any color of your choice.

Cover the lid with chalkboard paint and write your pet’s name as you wish. Fill it with the snack and a scooper for easily taking out the correct quantity every time.

6. Redressing The Dresser

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Got a dresser that is in your list of being ‘Thrown into the garbage pile’? Here’s an innovative way to recreate it to form a cat corner.

A place to store their treats and toys, a cabin for them to take comfy naps in and a place for the litter box, all in one quiet corner of your home.

Try this out and make your felines feel extra special.

7. Crates Are Great

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We always see that wood crates discarded after emptying them of their contents are made use in storing various things.

They can also be brought into the scene of organized pet supplies, as they are cost efficient, easily accessible and compact enough to be kept on the ordinary shelves.

Check out this tutorial by Virginiasweetpea, where she explains how these pet-friendly storage boxes were made within budget and without disappointment.

Each crate is marked with the name of respective contents to avoid further confusion.

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