Best Silhouette Promo of the Year

I usually don’t post the Silhouette promo codes here on KOD but since this is the best promotion I run all year on the Silhouette accessories I thought you might want to take advantage of it.  The promo ends at midnight on the 17th so hurry up and stock up on your Silhouette accessories.

Silhouette America is running a sweet promo in honor of the annual CHA show.  This is the best promo code I have seen Silhouette run on their supplies, period.  You can get 40% off all supplies. This will exclude electronic cutting tools (CAMEO and Portrait machines) downloads, gift cards, download cards, and subscriptions.



  1. Thanks for your coupon! I used it the other day.

    The downside? Waiting 2-3 weeks for delivery vs. Amazon’s 1-2 day shipping.

    Not sure if silhouette asks for your readers feedback, but this will make me hesitate before ordering direct from them in the future.

    • I know I so wish they were quicker! But hopefully the sale is good enough to handle the slooooow shipping.

  2. It really sucks that they do not ship to Canada. We have a really hard time getting their products.

  3. Colleen C. says:

    Thank you for the coupon!! I just saved $32.00!!!! Just to let everyone know. I had ordered from Silhouette about a month ago and I too thought that the delivery time was a little lengthy. Much to my surprise it showed up in about a week. Thanks again, Colleen.