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Best Kitchen Wall Décor Ideas


What makes a good kitchen is not only the food that is being produced, but the person who cooks from the heart.

The least that we can do for the one who satisfies our stomach is to make this workplace as beautiful and inspiring as it can be.

1. Quotes and Signs

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One of the greatest joys in life is to share a delicious bounty of food with the family.

While you enjoy the food, the warmth of togetherness brings the dishes to a whole new level.

Let’s entice our family and friends to reflect about life by hanging inspirational quotes on the walls of our kitchen. While the comfort of food feeds the stomach, the words feed the soul.

2. Rolling Pins and Frames

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It’s out with the old and in with the new! Take one or a couple of old rolling pins and buy yourself a new one.

Hanging old stuff will give you a sense of mastery. You are a tenure in the kitchen! You can also pair the pins with frames and in it can be your favorite recipes or pictures of your family.

These frames will remind you from time to time where you get your inspiration from. Let love be your main ingredient.

3. Greens

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There’s nothing more refreshing than the greens in your kitchen! You can use old cups or canisters for this project.

That’s actually a bonus because you are already recycling. Use the old cups to plant herbs and spices that you can easily grab while you are cooking your favorite meals.

This gives you immediate access to fresh greens while you enjoy the aroma it brings in to your kitchen. After all, you and your family deserve to have the best meal every day!

4. Wall Coffee Station

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If you’re a cook, then, you’ll probably be a morning person.

What does a morning person need aside from an alarm clock? You got it right, dear. Morning people need coffee.

Hang your favorite cups on hooks so you can easily grab them.

On top of that, you can pin a shelf so you can arrange your bottles of coffee, sugar, creamer, and the likes. Surely, your mornings will be better from the day you made this.

5. Plates And Saucers

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The display of plates and saucers on kitchen walls is not new but let’s be honest, it gets us every time.

Notice this, if you have new guests in the kitchen, I am sure they can’t help themselves but gaze upon the beauty of your presentation on the wall.

So, how do we rock this? You can just actually mix and match the plates you want to place on the wall. You can create your own pattern for this.

You can go festive or stay minimalistic. But the secret to rocking this is by creating a display that would reflect your personality. That would give it the WOW factor.

6. Oversized/Undersized Kitchen Stuff

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I’m pretty sure you have seen a few somewhere.

f you bought a piece or two because of impulse, the best way to acknowledge that you have made a good choice is to hang them on your kitchen walls.

And every time you see these things, you will be reminded how cute or extraordinary they are.

I’m certain your visitors will ask you where you bought those things.

That’s when you know you made a good choice of owning one or two!

7. Stickers And Prints

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This is the easiest yet the most fun way to decorate your kitchen walls. You don’t need a master’s degree to get this right.

You just have to channel your inner artistic side to come up with an eye-catching wall décor. First, you have to choose a theme. Maybe you want it colorful or rustic.

Then, you can plan on how you will arrange the stickers and prints on your wall. Finalize your plan and have fun sticking! After doing this, there’s no way you’ll get bored in your kitchen. You’ll feel the hype to cook every time!

8. The “EAT” Sign

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There’s no way of getting this wrong. You just need to come up with an idea how you can elevate the word “EAT”. Here are few ideas for that.

You can grab old chopping boards and carve the letters or you can just simply paint or write on it. You can stick to a rustic theme in your kitchen with this.

Another option is, if you are into unicorns, you can add more colors to your display. May be add some glitters too for that sparkly effect.

9. Paintings And Drawings

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If you have it, flaunt it. If you can paint or draw, make the kitchen walls your canvas.

Imagine yourself in your visitor’s place. Is the drawing on the wall something you like? Or the painting that’s hanging something you want to bring home?

If so, consider yourself a Picasso in the making! You have just made a focal wall that will make your family members and visitors want to see your kitchen every now and then. 10. Bold Wallpapers

10. Shelf To Shelves

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You can add one or more layers of shelves on your kitchen walls to make a statement.

By adding this, you can add your favorite cooking or recipe books on the rack together with antique or modern vases of your choice.

If you have access to fresh flowers, you can put it in the vase to brighten up your kitchen walls.

The good thing about having shelves is, you can update the things that you put on the rack according to your liking.

If you feel inspired, you can put the pictures of your loved ones instead of cooking books.

If you want your kitchen to look modern, you can put digital clocks or timers on the shelf to aid you when you are baking. Time will be your friend, my friend.

11. Boards And Chalks

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If you don’t want fancy colors in your kitchen and would just like to lean on organization, this might work well for you.

The beauty of boards and chalks is just timely. Today, you can write a quote for you and your family.

Tomorrow, you can list down your dinner’s ingredients so your firstborn can run to the market.

The next day, you can leave an instruction to your daughter on how to cook spaghetti for her lunch. Isn’t that very convenient? If you like that idea, it’s time to purchase your chalkboards and hang it on your kitchen walls.

12. Photo Gallery Wall

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If you don’t have the luxury of time to make an art from scratch, you can work with the existing photos that you have at home.

These might be products of your studio photo shoots or photography hobby or lessons. Or just something you find interesting and lovely on the internet.

Whatever that might be, if it brightens up your day, go hang it on your kitchen wall. You can have different frame sizes from medium to extra-large depending on how big your space is.

Or you can have uniform sizes and arrange it however you like. The important thing here is, you get to smile every time you see these pieces.

And if you’re happily cooking, it will reflect on the dishes that you will produce.

As a result, your family and friends get to enjoy the meals you serve and the positive vibe you share. Create a ripple effect of happiness and positivity!

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