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7 Best Farmhouse Kitchen Cabinet Ideas


Where do you think the most amount of activity happens in every home? It’s the kitchen without any doubt.

A place which can be called the taste lab, the treasury of goodness and way to the family’s heart, kitchens are highly important and should be given enough attention when being designed and decorated.

It should be suitable for the activities being carried out and not in a way that highlights any accidental stain or mess. We have a lot of décor ideas to choose from, modern-day hacks to the traditional homely ones.

What if you own a farmhouse and that’s where you’re looking for a kitchen makeover? You’ve got to design carefully and craftily that the original beauty of the place is not lost.

Here we have few cabinet ideas for farmhouse kitchens that matches the rural look and enhances the space with much innovation.

1. Top Needs to Be Top

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The countertop matters much when it comes to remodelling or designing your kitchen. A butcher top can be the most attractive one to half in a real farmhouse kitchen.

It can make the place look as countryside as possible, but make sure you get the best quality and not get cheated with the kind that can make water spots and such.

The storage & display cabinets can be on top of the counter and beneath it, with white paint and metallic handles for the doors. It’s the traditional look with wood and white that is used in this case.

The cabinets are all of the different sizes but there is only a single drawer with a number of cupboards, single door and double door. In the picture used a reference you can see that there is an extremely narrow yet long cabinet crammed up between one of the pillars and the stove top.

2. Open ‘n Close

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Each of us has different ideas about the design for a good kitchen cabinet and here’s a look that balances two such differences.

Some of us want the cabinet spaces to be closed and secure while others like them open and easily take out or arrange stuff in them.

Try out a design that has open cabinets on the top of the counter and closed drawers beneath it.

In addition to the drawers, they have introduced small cupboard model storage spaces too.

The countertop can be plain white with the attachment walls adorned in a bright coloured design to contrast the light shade. The open storage spaces are usually wood planks arranged in any order as you like.

3. Minimalist Movement

Farmhouse kitchen cabinet idea

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Keeping everything as minimal as possible can be made the slogan of our remodelling or designing task.

With a black countertop, a weathered wood look below it, a piece of the wall with a smooth brick look and the minimum amount of jars and vases displayed, the kitchen can be transformed into a minimalist paradise.

The most attractive thing about this design is the black wood jar holder placed higher than normal on the wall attached to the counter. This can be seen as an open cabinet.

Large glass jars are stored with pulses or spices, enhancing the entire look of the place a bit more.

In addition to this, there are closed cupboards placed at a height which is accessible and no storage space is found beneath the counter.

4. The Bright Side

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With a very normal countertop which may be white or cream, let’s steal a real bright look for the storage drawers and cupboards beneath it.

Add an egg yolk yellow or a bottle green to keep the admirers to simply stare on.

A part of the cabinet needs to be right under the windows, letting in the most amount of sunlight and thus creating an even elated look in the entire kitchen area.

The other open spaces arranged need not be of the bright shade, in fact, it’s better to keep all the shades above the counter in the same light shade and everything beneath it in the bright side.

5. Contrasted

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Toasted antique cabinets placed along with the contrasted umber wood cabinets are a very beautiful sight to look at.

This look can be given beneath the counter for drawers and small cupboards and overhead as dual door-ed storage spaces.

The drawers and cupboards are all given different sizes to make it look like a grid of perfect shapes.

6. Add An Island, Add More Space

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If you have a considerably large amount of kitchenware, that cannot be contained in your normal cabinets, we can add islands that can increase the storage space considerably well.

The color combination is simple and subtle that it gives a perfect rural look for the whole area.

The island in her kitchen is a true innovation to add space and area for storing stuff and working with ease and comfort.

There are drawers and cupboards right beneath the counter but none above it on the wall. This will make the place look less crowded and packed with all the cabinets.

7. Gray’s Good

From the traditional idea of wood with white décor combination, we can look try adding a wood with the polished grey look.

The cabinets are all painted with polished grey shade and this goes with some metallic handles that create a bit of contrast in the look.

We should make sure that all the piece of storage space available in the kitchen should be painted with the same shade, leaving no place for a flaw in the look.

The cabinets need not be all attached to the countertop alone, we can place some above the oven or the refrigerator according to our idea and imagination.

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