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DIY Decor: Best DIY Projects for Your Bedroom

best decor projects for diy bedroom

You want to make a big improvement in your bedroom’s decor, but you don’t necessarily want to spend big bucks doing so.

Your bedroom is your sanctuary, and the decor should reflect that.

DIY projects allow you to expand your skills and create amazing home decor pieces with your own hands, and you can do all this for a fraction of the cost of purchasing new items.

These DIY projects for your bedroom are simple, budget-friendly, and sure to add charm to any space.

DIY Projects for Your Bedroom

DIY projects are a great way to transform a space without paying hundreds of dollars.

Many DIY projects are simple enough for beginners but so impressive visitors will swear you paid a professional to do it.

DIY decor can make a huge difference in the appearance of your bedroom, but what if you want even more out of your bedroom makeover?

If you’re looking to do a major overhaul, such as installing new flooring, windows and doors, or even adding more space to your property, consider getting back up to help out.

Bold DIY Headboard

Updating the headboard in your bedroom can make a huge statement, but buying a brand-new headboard from a furniture store can be pricey.

Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to DIY a headboard in a style that brings your bedroom decor to the next level.

You can make a wood plank headboard from just a few simple materials. First, purchase planks of the desired size from a hardware store.

Another option is to use reclaimed wood if possible for an even more budget-friendly project.

Next, brace the boards together in the general shape and size you want for the headboard. Use a jigsaw to cut out the exact shape you want, then sand the wood down to a smooth finish.

Paint or stain the headboard in whatever color looks nice with the rest of your decor.

An upholstered headboard is another option to bring some luxury into your bedroom. Start with a piece of plywood in the size and shape you want.

Next, attach a layer of foam with glue and a layer of batting with staples.

Then, take the fabric of your choice and make sure it is smooth and free of wrinkles. Attach the fabric to the headboard with staples, making sure the fabric is pulled as tightly as possible.

Finally, apply whatever details you want. Some ideas include a classic nailhead trim or tufted buttons.

If you want to go the tufted button route, you’ll want to use pegboard instead of regular plywood for the frame. You’ll also need twine, a needle, and buttons of your choice.

DIY Plank Walls

Installing plank walls, or shiplap, is an inexpensive and impactful way to add texture and interest to your walls.

Use a sheet of plywood cut into planks or precut individual planks depending on the look you want.

Planks can be painted in a uniform color for a polished look or mismatched for more rustic charm.

To begin, mark out the spacing on your wall and attach the wooden planks using a nail gun.

To finish it off, use painter’s putty to fill in nail holes and caulk to seal the cracks. If you are going for the more rustic look, you can leave it as is.

Hanging Bedside Table

A hanging bedside table is a functional piece that adds a storage surface without taking up floor space.

All you need are three simple materials: a piece of wood or another material for the surface, rope to hang it from the ceiling, and hardware to attach the rope to.

Get creative with the material for your tabletop. As long as it is strong enough to support whatever you usually keep on your bedside table, anything goes.

Some ideas are unfinished wood (sealed with polyurethane for protection), painted wood in a color that complements the rest of the room, metallic finishes, and even wicker.

Drill holes in the corners of your surface material that are large enough for the rope to fit through. Tie the ends of the rope around spring hooks.

Install screw eyes in the ceiling above where you want the table to hang. Attach the spring hooks to the eye screws and voila, a cool new spot for your alarm clock or your nighttime reading.

DIY Wallpaper

Wallpaper is a beautiful way to add richness to a room, but the process of putting it up isn’t always so beautiful.

The trendiest wallpaper patterns can be expensive, plus you have to deal with all that glue.

Make your own DIY wallpaper alternatives for a personal touch. If you’re artistic, you can draw your own design on strips of contact paper.

Contact paper is easier to apply than traditional wallpaper, and it can be removed just as easily.

You can even use fabric as an easy wallpaper alternative. Just measure out a length of fabric of your choice and apply to the wall using liquid starch.

You can use all kinds of non-traditional materials to spruce up your walls. Some other ideas include covering wall surfaces in book pages, sheet music, or handwriting.

Dressed-Up Dressers

Give an old dresser new life by dressing it up with some color. Just because dressers are functional pieces doesn’t mean they don’t get to have any fun.

Paint the fronts of drawers with bold patterns and colors. Try adding stripes or a chevron pattern.

You can add these design elements to the sides of the drawers for a surprise pop of color when the drawers are open.

You can also add texture to dressers by adding fabric, lace, decals, or decoupage. Have fun and get creative!


Lighting can instantly transform a space, but fancy shades and elegant pendant lights might not be so budget-friendly.

There are many easy DIY projects to help you update the lighting situation in your bedroom.

First, if most of your lighting has pretty basic shades, you can make them more stylish by covering your old shades with new fabric. T

his is a quick, easy, no sew-project that just requires fabric, scissors, and some glue.

You can make new light fixtures with items from around your house or from thrift stores, such as recycled glass jars and bottles.

You can make a DIY pendant light by gluing hemp string around a ball or balloon and then deflating it for instant chic.

More DIY Ideas

DIY projects for your bedroom are the perfect way to add style to your room without spending too much.

There are hundreds of little ways to add DIY charm to your home decor. Look around for more inspiration!

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