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13 DIY Pet Bed Ideas


Pets are family to almost all of us. We always try to keep them comfy and happy with the best of all they need.

There are numerous pet brands and pet lines available in the market today, but most of them are highly expensive and often less pleasing for our little friends.

DIY ideas are trending these days, considering the cost-effectiveness, the easiness in making and above all the personalization we can give for each product.

So, why don’t we try some interesting DIY ideas to make cute little beds for our pets?

Here are some really simple yet super awesome pet beds that can be made from a little recycling or upcycling of our old household items and clothes.

1. Sweater Sleeper

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We all would have old woolen sweaters or jumpers lying around the house. Turn them into cosy little sleeping spaces for your cats or dogs.

All you need would be a sewing machine, some cotton, thread and needle. Start by sewing up the neck opening, followed by running a stitch from under the right arms to the left side.

Now fill the top with cotton and connect the two hands by sewing them together. Through the opening at the bottom, push in a small cushion followed by stitching up that part as well.

For a better tutorial, follow the post in

2. Try a Tire

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Recycling an old tire can help the environment as well as make an adorable little place for our pet to snug in. Color it up as you wish.

The paint should be one that sticks to rubber. After it dries, stuff some pillows into the tire and Viola!

Let your baby take his first nap in the new bed.

3. Drawer Drools

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Old furniture parts can be the best to be made into pet beds. Find the drawer of your old table and paint or decorate it your way.

Make small burlap pillows and lay them in the recycled drawers. Your pet gets a real sung little crib to sleep or take occasional breaks from all the running around.

Check out the article by to get a detailed description of the idea.

4. Table Fable

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What do you do with a broken end table? Throw it away? No! Give your furry little friend a snuggle space. All you got to do is turn it upside down.

Paint it with some appealing color, place some super warm pillows or cushions and invite your pet in.

The new bed will steal their heart with its homely feel.

5. No Stitch, All Good

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Not all of us are adept or accurate with stitching or sewing. Here’s a method to make a super adorable no stitch DIY dog bed.

Luigiandme explains to us the method to create this warm and welcoming bed space for your Doggy friend.

Grab two squares of t-shirt or polar fleece fabric, needles, old clothes and scissors and get to crafting.

6. Puss in Fuss

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This is a really magical DIY for your fussy little feline. A threefold abode for your cat that can easily be made from few yards of craft felt.

The method is provided, step by step in Redhandledscissors. This is a bit of real craftiness but all effort is worth the result.

The final product can be used as a cave, a long bed and a short bed for that cranky cat of yours.

7. TV Tricks

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Transform your old TV into a tiny bedded dog house for the indoors! Yes, you heard it right.

Before you throw of the ancient console television to get rid of the junk, try this awesome DIY by removing the contents in its belly and clearing the hollow from anything that can hurt your pet.

Now paint the frame with a lovely indoor color and make it look fresh. Attach a wooden frame at the back so that your little friend feels more tucked in.

Stuff the inside with some pillows and you’ve made your own DIY TV Doghouse.

8. Woof on the Wood

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Got some leftover wood planks from your furniture projects?

Build a welcoming sleeping space for your pet. Arrange and nail the planks in a way such that it makes enough space for your pet to relax in.

Add extra support at the sides and back. Paint it bright and spread some cushy pillows and make your baby feel at home.

9. A House of their Own

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If you are interested in creating a bigger area for your pet to hang out in and also to store all their necessities in, here’s a wonderful DIY idea.

You can either use a discarded entertainment cabinet lying around your home or grab one from the thrift store. Remove the hinge doors and drawers if any and paint it as you like.

In the lower part add cushions and in the smaller cabinet fill their food and other supplies for easy access.

10. Holding Up the Hulk

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If your pet is heavier for any of the above ideas, here is a tutorial for your bubbly baby.

Wouldntitbelovelyblog gives you step by step instruction to create a safe and subtle bed for your bigger pet.

It can be topped with any pillow or cushion of your choice.

11. Denim Deck

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Stitch together your old denim and make a dreamy bed for your pet.

Sew in the pattern of a pillow cover and stuff the inside with cotton or similar size pillow.

Finally, stitch the front and back edges with a half-inch seam.

You have a snug pillow for your darling to curl up on.

12. Suitcase Suite

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Vintage suitcases have a unique beauty of their own.

The method is extremely easy but the comfort of the space can be way more than you can imagine.

Choose a suitcase of your interest, remove the upper part, along with all the screws and hinges attached to it.

Fill the inside with cozy pillows and hand over your lovely little one.

13. Double Duty DIY

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Got an old side table? Try this simple tutorial by 86lemons to turn it into a dual purpose piece.

The bottom cabinet would make a cosy space for your pet to tuck in and the top would be a bed-side lamp stand.

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