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Round-Up of the Best DIY New Year Numbers

Since Christmas Day is almost here, that means New Year’s Day is creeping close. Welcome your New Year with a bang by check out a list of fun ideas for the best DIY New Year numbers.

1. The Classic New Year’s Backdrop

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If you’re a fan of “Rom-Coms”, then you have probably seen some glamorous form of this idea. With a couple of metallic balloons, you can bring together a backdrop that makes your photos like something out of a movie.

Creating the backdrop is fairly easy, all you need are a few sheets of metallic paper and some metallic balloons to complement the paper.

2. Balloon Clock

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One of the most exciting parts of a New Year’s Eve party is the countdown that ensues. For some, it is a single moment to secure a magical kiss, and for others, it is a mark to begin the New Year with more motivation and hope.

This idea makes the action more iconic because you can count down the hours with the help of balloons and some metallic paint.

3. Confetti NYE Numbers

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Glitz and glitter, two of the most associated words with New Year’s Eve. With this idea, you take the confetti and use it for your New Year numbers. This makes for another glitzy backdrop for your partygoers to take photos of.

You can do this easily too just by printing out the numbers and covering them in glue. Once done, lay down the confetti and your glitzy numbers will be good to go.

4. New Year’s Centerpiece

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This idea is appropriate if you’re not one for lavish parties, and prefer simple sit-down dinners with your friends. With a clean plant box and some gold Christmas ornaments, the centerpiece is sure to be a conversation-starter with your friends.

This is ideal if you have a family and want to welcome the New Year’s in a quieter fashion. You can also do this with your kids because it is very simple and easy to decorate the numbers with glitter and glue.

5. Golden Number Backdrop

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This is great if you want to do photo ops at your party. It’s appropriate for any age and doesn’t require much effort and will be easy to work on if you have kids.

The simple design is what makes it so enjoyable, which we feel is important when we compiled this list.

You can easily print out the numbers and paint them with gold colors.

6. Printable Midnight Clock

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This is great as a cupcake topper if you want something creative to top your food.

If you’re in a party and want a conversation starter, why not offer them a cupcake with a clock on it? It’s fun and easy to attach, and is perfect for the countdown to the New Year.

This would be particularly charming if you’re attracted to someone and offered it.

7. New Year’s Eve Countdown Goodie Bags

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This idea is great if you’re hosting a party for your children and want a fun way for them to count down to the New Year.

Printing countdown clocks and sticking them on your goodie bags make for inexpensive, yet innovative decorations for your child’s party.

Aside from that, you can have your kids participate in putting together the goodie bags, so

8. DIY Champagne Glasses

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If you’re going to have a banging New Year’s Eve party, then you should definitely class it up with some glitter.

Especially because glitter is an important aspect of New Year celebrations.

With some craft glitter paint and cheap wine glasses, you can make some very classy decorations that you can repurpose for other occasions. Aside from that, it makes drinking out of champagne flutes better.

9. Sky-Inspired Backdrop

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We included this in the list because it’s an awesome idea with the simplest materials.

With some glow-in-the-dark stars, and glitter stock numbers, you can achieve a backdrop inspired by the night sky.

Aside from that, it’s very quaint. Compared to most of the common decorations found in party stores, this is softer for those of you that want a cute backdrop that isn’t too flashy.


Everyone is different when it comes to their preferences in party decorations.

Whether you’re into the more flashy type of party or prefer to have a nice sit-down dinner, we hope that this list of New Year’s number decorations gives you some insight to how you may want to end the year.

The most important part of putting up decorations is how you bond with your friends or family.


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