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11 Best Blanket Storage Ideas


Storing so many different items we use around the house each day can be really difficult sometimes. We have some traditional ways of storing clothing and other stuff separately.

Most of the time these become tucked away and out of sight, in a way that isn’t always the most convenient.

We would need to search deep beneath layers of other stuff and then pull them out, tumbling down all the stuff that’s arranged on top.

There are also chances for us to forget exactly where they are kept or the fact that they’re stored away in the first place.

The most common scenario can be, mom is away and the entire family has no clue of what is where and they start searching every corner causing some frustration for everyone.

Today we’ll look at one cozy item all of us will use this winter: Blankets.

Here are some really great ideas to store your blankets so they are easily accessibly and even viewable in a way that lends to decor and not to clutter. They will look great and be ready for the moment of need.

1. Upcycled Wine Rack

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Old metal wine racks, sitting at the corner of the house can be dusted up and used to store blankets. Paint them new and fix any edge pieces that may damage your beautiful blankets.

Hang them up on the wall, roll up your blankets like sushi rolls and place them on each of the racks, separately. This makes the blankets neatly tucked away at the same time easily accessible by anyone in the family when they need it.

2. Right Beneath the Bed

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We have seen a lot of beds with storage space within them. This space can be increased if you have a bed on a raised platform.

Rather than having a small draw that can be pulled out, we can have a long draw with wheels on them to store our blankets for the season.

One thing to keep in your mind is that the area around the bed should be practically empty so that we can pull out the draw comfortably.

3. Personalized Ladder

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This is a very simple and compact to be kept at any corner of your room. In this idea, you are getting into a DIY and it’s up to you to decide how many ladder steps you can install.

These are going to be the hanging area for your blankets. This article in can give you a perfect idea to carve out a beautiful blanket holder for your home. It’s cheap and easy to make but very useful.

4. The Move Around Storage

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How about a storage box you can literally move around the house? If the blankets are needed in the living room, you don’t need to carry them all the way, rather just push the box there and let everyone take one for themselves.

All you need to do is get a crate, attach four small wheels at the corners and stack the blankets in neatly and then leave the rest for comfort. In the box, you can also keep books or magazines that the family can read on wintery evening cuddled in their blankets.

5. All in One

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Winters usually make us lazy to walk around. So, it would always be better if we keep a set of blankets in the living room to avoid the confusion during a family gathering.

The question of where and how can be solved by this amazing crate storage box which can be made with a very low budget but serves many important purposes. A detailed tutorial of its making can be found in Hertoolbelt.

This cabinet can be used as a beautiful table for your living room in addition to the storage chambers that can hold, necessities like blankets, books or magazines. It’s pretty simple to just pull the boxes and get your things right when you need them.

6. Ottoman’s The Man

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Just like the previous idea, here’s a multipurpose DIY. An ottoman with a storage chamber. You can add you’re choice of covering material on the piece and make it look as attractive as possible that your living room décor just got a beautiful addition.

The storage space inside can be made as big as you wish but it will be better if you keep the size compact enough to seem like a normal ottoman.

7. Rustic Looking Baskets

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Dollar tree bins are great storage baskets for blankets but they usually don’t merge with the décor in the room. All you need is a roll of thin rope, glue and some fabric.

Cover the inside of the bin with the fabric with just a little end peeking out. Glue it in neatly and start winding the rope around the bin and keep it firm with the glue. You’ve got a beautiful country looking blanket basket for the house.

8. Firewood Carrier Fun

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Firewood carriers are generally discarded these days with the electric heater and similar technology. How can it be made use of? Here’s a great idea of stacking up the blankets in the living room.

Polish up the old firewood carrier and repair the distortions that can cause any damage to the blankets. We can roll up the blankets neatly and keep them one above the other.

This can add to the countryside look in the room. Most importantly the handle helps you carry it around and taking out the blankets can be easy too.

9. Woven Baskets

Visit Source: has some amazing woven baskets with very attractive designs. These can be used to store the blankets for a longer time. There are very attractive colours and designs to choose from.

10. Decorative Rope Ladder

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When you have lightweight blankets, this is the best idea to store them and decorate the space at the same time.

Check for this simple DIY by Thalita.

11. Classic and Elegant

Blanket Rack, Black with Bronze Rub

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This one is just too gorgeous not to mention here. A sturdy and elegant blanket rack that would look great in any family or living room.

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