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Best Benjamin Moore Blue-Gray Colors: A Complete Guide!

best bm blue gray colors featured image

It’s true that grays and blues aren’t slowing down in popularity! But one color category that is definitely making the headlines is the blue-gray paints.

Blue is a versatile color that will always provide a classic and mesmerizing touch – and when mixed with gray, this color creates a neutral blend of blue and gray that is like no other combo.

This fusion is cool, calm, subtle, and extremely cohesive.

If you don’t prefer the starkness of solid blue paint color, then a blue-gray will totally play soothing and calm.

Yes, that’s the beauty of these paint colors.

But of course with these added advantages comes comes a few challenges to look out for.

For one, most of these wonderful blends of blue and gray can end up changing in appearance depending on lighting, other colors in the scheme and location in the house.

In some cases, selections in this category can be totally blue and in some cases, it can be totally gray!

But don’t worry.

I’m going to reveal some basic information about this color category along with do’s and don’ts and some fun, inspirational images.

I will also share the most popular Benjamin Moore blue-gray paint colors along with some of my absolute personal favorites. 

So, are you ready to get onboard and see how the blue-grays can bring magic to your space? 

Let’s get started!

BM Blue-Grays: More Than Just a Trend

blue gray paint in remodeled kitchen

This color category emerged from the fusion of blue and gray collections obviously.

It offers the benefits of both blue and gray to make your space feel crisp, modern, and characteristic.

Mainly, if you want to create a calm haven for your space (that ISN’T beige or green), this color will definitely do wonders!

And, if you’re specifically bored of the dull grays or don’t prefer a mainstream blue – the blue-grays will help create an eclectic theme for your space. 

And when it comes to Benjamin Moore blue-grays, the list is truly endless.

Check this out!

bm blue gray differences

Take a look at these few examples from some of the Benjamin Moore fan decks.

Benjamin Moore Hale Navy is a bold and dark navy blue-gray paint that will make your space feel more dramatic and eye-catchy.

On the other hand, Benjamin Moore Smoke is a medium-toned blend of blue, green, and gray to make a fantastic backdrop in any space.

I also like the feel of Benjamin Moore Van Courtland Blue that will exhibit a soft and calm touch to any space.

And lastly, Benjamin Moore Boothbay Gray is mostly a gray paint color with sneaky blue undertones.

Yes, you can choose either blue or gray for base or undertones. 

So, now that you compare them all, it’s quite not likely that they would feel the same!

And that’s why you need to prioritize the type of blue-gray you want for your space.

Each one of them has a major role to play and can equally alter the looks and appearances of the surroundings. 

The Magic of Undertones in Blue-Grays

There isn’t a ton of detail here!

Paint colors are either blue-grays or gray-blues. 

Sound confusing?

Well, let’s make it easier…

bm blue gray undertones examples

The blue-grays are mainly gray paint colors with deep blue undertones. This color category will majorly flaunt a gray base. 

So, if you’re fond of grays and also prefer a touch of blue, this is something to look forward to!

This color makes a great fit for formal living and dining rooms.

On the other hand, the gray-blues are dominantly blues with a gray base!

They play a great accent on the furniture, built-in cabinets, throw pillows, and blankets!

Don’t worry, we’ll cover several great examples of this in a bit.

The third possible category could be green-blue-gray! These colors have a major touch of green to make the space feel refreshing and crisp.

In every case, it’s the undertones that make these colors ever so different from each other.

But most importantly for our topic here, every blue-gray will make your space feel calmer, relaxed, formal, sleek, clean, and crisp.

Lighting Matters

Lighting plays a significant role here!

The actual undertone of blue or gray will only protrude when there’s ample natural light in the room.

With little or no light, all these colors are bound to look either only gray or blue!

So, if you want to feel the beauty of the blend of blue-grays – consider adding tons of natural light indoors.

Additionally, the compass directions have a major role to play as well when it comes to lighting.

In the south or west-facing rooms, these colors will reflect the true hue. 

Whereas in the north-facing rooms, the blue-grays are bound to reflect either blue or gray depending upon the specific paint color and view from the windows.

Blue-Grays in Interior and Exterior Design Styles

Blue-Grays have the potential to work with most interior design styles. 

Some of them are modern farmhouse, minimalist, Coastal, Modern, Contemporary, Traditional, and Transitional.

This color category makes a great option for warmer and humid regions. If you want to make your home feel cool and crisp – the blue-gray paint colors will ultimately play a timeless role.

For exterior design styles like ranch, transitional, Coastal, Tudor, country retreat, and minimalist – blue-gray on the outside proves to be quite quirky and eye-catchy.

blue gray bathroom styles benjamin moore paints

Best Places to Use Benjamin Moore Blue-Gray Paint Colors

Benjamin Moore blue-gray paint colors are quite fun to play with.

Whether it’s the kitchen cabinets, exterior walls of the home, interior living room focal walls, bedrooms, toddlers’ rooms, or your bathroom – this calm color category can make a beautiful statement everywhere.

However, try to avoid very cool blue-grays in the colder regions as they can sometimes feel quite uncomfortable and chilly.

Best Benjamin Moore Blue-Gray Paint Colors

Now comes one of the most interesting topics to talk about!

Here are some of the popular and handpicked best Benjamin Moore blue-gray paint colors to choose from.

Benjamin Moore offers tremendous options for blue-gray paint colors in a variety of undertones and vibes.

So, let me proceed with the popular ones and then my absolute personal favorites.

5 Most Popular

Benjamin Moore Smoke:

BM single smoke chip 1

Benjamin Moore Smoke is a calm and subtle blue-gray paint color that can readily make your space feel cool and crisp.

This color works tremendously well in coastal, modern, and contemporary interior design styles.

This sophisticated gray has an LRV of 56.49 – thus, falling on the medium to the lighter end of the scale.

Check out my full guide on BM Smoke now!


However, it’s bound to look much lighter when used in a room with sufficient natural light.

If you’re looking to create color palettes, I recommend using this color with shades of beiges, light grays, and taupes!

Here are some other color specifications you must get acquainted with!

Red = 186

Green = 200

Blue = 201

HEX Value = bac8c9

Benjamin Moore Hale Navy:

BM single hale navy chip 1

Benjamin Moore Hale Navy is a bold and beautiful dark blue paint color to add utmost sophistication and elegance to a space.

This gray-blue paint color looks fantastic on the bathroom vanity, kitchen cabinets, and built-in shelves.

And, it can best complement the shades of tan, beige, burnt orange, mustard, and light gray.

I review BM Hale Navy where I cover lots more details!

You can even use satin brass-finish pull handles and knobs to add a luxe statement.

This bold paint has an LRV of 6.3 – thus, dark enough to add depth and character.

As usual, it is important to understand the associated RGB and HEX Values that are as follows:

Red = 78

Green = 84

Blue = 94

HEX Value = #4E545E

Benjamin Moore Glass Slipper:

BM single glass slipper chip 1

Benjamin Moore Glass Slipper is something that you would absolutely love in a room filled with natural light.

This icy blue-gray paint color can bring a chilly vibe – so, it’s highly recommended in the south or west-facing rooms.

To neutralize the chilly effect, you can expect the shades of beige and taupe to play a warm background.

Here’s my review for BM Glass slipper if you’d like to learn a ton more!

Benjamin Moore Glass Slipper can make a soothing statement anywhere you want in your home!

Whether it’s the cabinets, kids’ bedrooms, nursery, bedroom ceilings, bathroom walls, living room focal walls, or the exteriors – this feathery soft powder blue will never disappoint you.

And especially for interior design styles like Coastal, Caribbean, contemporary and modern farmhouse – this color will truly play flawlessly.

I recommend understanding the associated RGB and HEX Values to know more about the color specification!

Red = 212

Green = 222

Blue = 221

HEX Value = #d4dedd

Benjamin Moore Ashland Slate:

BM single ashland slate chip 1

Benjamin Moore Ashland Slate is a darker blue-gray paint color to add drama and depth to the wall.

I love the feel of this bold color on the cabinets, built-in shelves, and furniture frames. Check out my review of this one!

With an LRV of 14.52 – this color is not as dark and bold as BM Hale Navy!


This color can best complement tan leather, shades of off-white, beige, icy blue-gray, and mustard.

It is now time to look through the color details and specifications to know more about it!

Red = 105

Green = 109

Blue = 114

HEX Value = #696d72

Benjamin Moore Boothbay Gray:

BM single boothbay gray chip

Benjamin Moore Boothbay Gray is one of the most popular blue-gray paints to have in your home.

It will best complement your mudroom cabinets, kitchen cabinets, vanity, living and dining room walls.

This color has the perfect fusion of blue and gray to give a fantastic neutral touch.


You can use this color in amalgamation with shades of off-white, black, mustard, yellow, dark gray, and coral.

BM Boothbay Gray has an LRV of 43.26 – thus, falling on the medium end of the scale.

Here enlisted are the important associated RGB and HEX Values that you must know!

Red = 171

Green = 178

Blue = 175

HEX Value = #ABB2AF

TIP: You can order stick-on wall samples for any of the above colors. It’s the most convenient way and truly helps you choose the color(s) that look best in your OWN space. Order at Samplize now!

5 Next Popular

Benjamin Moore Amsterdam:

Amsterdam color info 1

Benjamin Moore Amsterdam is a pretty blue-gray paint to add a delightful touch to your space.

With an LRV of 29.21 – this color is quite dark, bold, and eye-catchy!

You can definitely use it on the cabinets and built-in shelves.

Benjamin Moore Beacon Gray:

beacon gray color info 1

Benjamin Moore Beacon Gray is a cool-toned icy blue-gray paint color to exhibit chilly vibes in a space.

This color must be carefully used in the colder regions since it can end up making your space feel extra cool and uncomfortable. 

With an LRV of 65.92 – this color feels quite light, airy, and charming!

Benjamin Moore Iceberg:

iceberg color info 1

If you like the feel of soft and light blues, consider Benjamin Moore Iceberg for the walls of all your spaces. 

This color will make a greater statement in the kids’ play areas, nursery, and bathrooms.

I highly recommend amalgamating this paint color with shades of off-white, beige, and black.

This color has an LRV of 71.1 but it can feel much lighter and airier. 

Benjamin Moore November Skies:

november skies color info 1

BM November Skies is a subtle blue-gray paint to make your space feel soothing and calm.

I would recommend avoiding this paint color in the north-facing rooms since it can be too cool and crisp.

Although, at the same time, try using this color to make the space feel larger and airier.

With an LRV of 48.55 – this color can add a cool vibe along with a sense of depth.

Benjamin Moore Little Falls:

little falls color info 1

BM Little Falls is a light and icy blue paint color to exhibit a sense of crispness to the space.

This color has an LRV of 41.07 – hence, bold enough to add character and depth to the walls.

I would recommend pairing this color with shades of tan and burnt orange for a contrasting look.

***Make sure to test out any of these amazing colors with a sample you can put up right in your home. Pick up samples now!

5 Hand Picked Favorites

Benjamin Moore Blue Note:

Blue note color info 2

BM Blue Note is my absolute favorite because of how beautifully it may transform your space – I did a full review of Blue Note here!

Just a fresh coat of this paint may instantly make your space feel flawless and charming.

You can use it on the cabinets as well as entryway doors, walls, and furniture frames.

Benjamin Moore Slate Blue:

paint slate blue info

Benjamin Moore Slate Blue is a deep blue-gray paint color that can feel quite chilly and cool, especially in the north-facing rooms.

I recommend using this color as an accent on the cabinets, vanity, and walls.

You can also use it in the kids’ play areas and nursery spaces.

Benjamin Moore Nimbus Gray:

paint nimbus gray info

Benjamin Moore Nimbus Gray is a blue-gray paint color that is absolutely my favorite.

This color is not too cool to feel icy – hence, always a great option for any climate.

Furthermore, this gray-blue color can readily make a great statement in the coastal and contemporary interior design styles.

Benjamin Moore Gentle Gray:

paint gentle gray info

Benjamin Moore Gentle Gray is my absolute favorite blue-gray paint. 

It’s cohesive and timeless and can easily complement any color palette and design style.

Benjamin Moore Normandy:

paint normandy info

BM Normandy is deep and dark blue-gray paint to add an authentic character to your space.

So, if you want to add a bold look, this color is definitely something to have an eye on!

Grab some samples of these colors to see how they’ll look in your own living environment. Order real paint, peel-and-stick samples!

Inspiration and Examples


Benjamin Moore Smoke is subtle and soft blue-gray paint to add a calmer look to your space.

BM single smoke chip

Benjamin Moore Hale Navy looks fabulous in the bathrooms!


BM Van Deusen Blue can play an Eclectic role in the living rooms and home offices.


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This blue-gray majorly inclines to the grays with a sleek and modern look.


With moldings and wainscotting, this blue-gray paint plays phenomenal!

Summing It Up

You see – Benjamin Moore has formulated quite a few blue-gray paint colors for you to choose from!

Now that we have discussed the major aspects and types of blue-grays, do you feel confident in incorporating any one of them in your home?

Well, I highly recommend them on the exterior doors and window frames, accent walls, and even mudrooms and laundry rooms.

So, without a thought – pick up your favorite Benjamin Moore blue-gray now and don’t forget to let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

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