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Beautify An Old File Cabinet

File cabinets are a staple in every home. You can find them in home offices, in basements or even in sewing rooms. Most file cabinets are overlooked as a source of beauty, but Bre from brepurposed.porch has created a beautiful piece of furniture from an old file cabinet.

Bre began by staining pieces of balsa wood a rich brown which she then whitewashed to give it a weathered look. Once the balsa wood was dry and the lock was removed from the old file cabinet, she spray painted it a matte black which showed through as the base of the file cabinet in the final project. Finally, Bre took all her little slats of balsa wood and adhered them to the front, sides, and top of the file cabinet using a gel glue.

This file cabinet was then ready to grace any room of her house. Think how great this would look in your home office.

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