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Beautifully Crafted Pallet Ceiling Light

Just when you thought you saw everything made with pallets, the gentleman at DIYPALLETFURNITURE has taken pallet repurposing to a new level. Enhanced with rich and harmonious materials, he replaced his boring florescent kitchen lights with pallet boards to add rustic charm.

The result? A happy wife. His well constructed ceiling supports covered the holes of the previous florescent fixtures and provided a sturdy surface for to attach the pallet boards. **Be sure to shut off the electricity to the kitchen prior to working with the electric. Painstakingly hand fashioned, he provides detailed pictures and instructions on how to make this your self. If you are looking rustic charm, and have run out of spaces to add it, look up.

The lighting remains functional and the ceiling adds warmth and personality to the space. This is an impressive project using pallet boards. If you are looking for innovative and original this project may be the right one for you.

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