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Beautiful Paper Flower Garland DIY

Lia from Lia Griffith wanted to create a beautiful cascading flower garland inspired by the expensive Anthropologie version.

To make her garland project more of a backdrop or large wall decor, she used a large tree branch and hung her garlands in a cascade from the branch.

Lia offers a PDF download of the flower pattern so you can DIY your own cascading garland.

This is a very easy project to personalize, as you could include cut-out leaves and tassels like the Anthropologie version, or change the flower colors to match your decor, or you could even forgo the branch and wrap the garland around a bannister or hang it from the ceiling!

This is Lia’s gorgeous finished project.


This is the Anthropologie Paper Floral Garland.

anthro paper flower garland

Visit Lia Griffith’s blog for the full tutorial.

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