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Ballard Inspired DIY Accordion Drying Rack

Awhile ago the Ballard Corday Accordion Drying Rack caught Crystal at Fussy Monkey Business’ eye.

It was pricier than she wanted to spend and she couldn’t think of an easy way to have her husband recreate it for her so Crystal resigned herself to the fact that she wouldn’t have one.

Then she came across a pine drying rack shelf for $5.

Using some bead board hooks and paint she already had on hand Crystal was able to create a Ballard inspired accordion drying rack for much less.

Crystal’s completed Ballard inspired accordion drying rack.


Crystal’s got the whole process down to an art.

She starts with some pine boards and dowels, which you’ll need to cut down to size. She’s all about that custom fit life!

She then drills holes in the boards for the dowels, making sure they’re all buddy-buddy and evenly spaced.

A bit of sanding action follows because no one likes a rough edge.

Now, the magic happens when you assemble it. Dowels pop into those holes, and hinges bring it all together.

It’s like building a mini ladder that’ll hold your clothes instead of your feet!

Crystal’s pro tip:

Secure that rack to the wall by finding the studs or using heavy-duty anchors. Safety can be chic, too!

She adds a smart little chain to keep the rack from stretching out too much.

Choose a stain or paint that speaks to you, and give it a personal touch. It’s DIY, after all!

Once you’ve got your hooks in place, your new accordion drying rack is ready to roll.

Or…well, ready to stay put while your clothes dry.

Crystal totally nailed it, and now it’s your turn. Go make your own laundry room a little more stylish and functional.

For Crystal’s original post you can click here.

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