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Create Your Own Baking Pan Stand

What a concept? Finding a useful way of incorporating vintage baking pans into your decor is a big challenge. Medina from Grillo Designs was able to combine her love of vintage baking pans into a useful three tiered rack.

She admits that baking pans are a bit of an obsession, but cleverly using them to decorate and be functional is quite impressive. Her shopping list was impressively short with items easy to locate either locally or online. Medina also included good pictures of her step by step process. The only small road block was using the rivet gun to add the lazy susan on the bottom of a pan.

With help from her husband, the roadblock was overcome and the rest of the project went together easily. Do you have a love of vintage baking pans? Add this great project to your DIY list. You will be glad you did.

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