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Authentic Farmhouse Bed

This beautiful bed belongs in your farmhouse decor. It is stylish, functional, and built to endure years of counting sheep. The Boehringer’s from DIYstinctly Made share their instructions for making their farmhouse bed.

They show pictures of how the frame should look after assembling the wood boards, and give details on how to make it all come together. A large bedframe will need ample space to be constructed, so keep that in mind when preparing for this project. You will notice they stained their frame outside. This is a good idea to prevent fumes from overtaking your home. With so many wood stains available, you can choose to stain your bed frame a color that will match your decor.

This is a large project and is ideal for an advanced beginner. Just be sure to take your time during construction to save yourself costly mistakes. Before you know it you will be counting sheep on your farmhouse bed.


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