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At Once Decorative and Practical Vegetable Storage Bin

Anika from Anika’s DIY Life has filled the need of storing vegetables and fruits conveniently in a handy little bin. The vegetable storage bin with dividers will be the perfect project for using up wood scraps from any of Anika’s projects you have previously tackled.

Not only does Anika provide great instructions, her detailed drawings allow you to completely understand how this bin will go together. Now she says it took her an hour and that included taking photos, but do not be deterred if your project takes longer. This bin will go together and did you see the best part? She put boards across the bottom, so you can make it stackable. More than good looking, it is very useful. She is using hers to store vegetables, but imagine the possibilities. If you are a crafter this will hold yarn, ribbon, sewing notions, and other useful crafty items.

We love when Anika provides detailed free instructions, great photos, and easy projects. Perfect for beginners and experienced wood workers that need to use up some of their wood scraps. **Just a side note….don’t store your onions with your potatoes, as gas from the onions will make the potatoes sprout !!!

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