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Anthropologie Wallpaper Hack

Leslie from Paper Daisy Design had one roll of expensive Anthropologie Paeonia floral wallpaper.

Rather than using it to wallpaper a single, tiny area, she thought about how she could transform the wallpaper to cover an entire bathroom.

Since Leslie had never wallpapered before she didn’t want to undertake wallpapering the entire bathroom, so she took the paper to a home improvement store to match the background color to a can of paint.

She painted the wall in the matching color and then painstakingly cut out each individual flower to create a more spread-out version of the wallpaper across the entire bathroom.

This is Leslie’s finished room, with a little bit of breathing room between each wallpaper flower.


This is what the Paeonia wallpaper looks like when wallpapered all together.

anthro paper

Visit Leslie’s blog Paper Daisy Design to follow exactly how she tackled this Anthropologie Hack.

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Monday 30th of May 2016

Please tell me what the wallpaper name is and by who? Also who made the beautiful FABRIIC I must have some. I love them both. Pink n green are my favorite colors along with melon. I LOVE THE ROOM. GREEN CHEDT WALLPAPER PINK WALLPAPER

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