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Accordion Strands Ribbon Necklace

Most ladies can’t resist a new bauble, and in my book, the bigger the better! I love a statement piece like this accordion strand necklace made by Aubree from Yellow Blackbird. When Aubree first laid eyes on the inspiration necklace from Anthropologie, she immediately knew she could make her own. Sure, it’s not made from real silk, but it’s also not $278! Aubree made her necklace for only a few bucks using grosgrain ribbon, and the effect is just as lovely.

anthro knock off ribbon necklace

Aubree was inspired by Anthropologie’s retired Accordion Strands Necklace.

anthro accordian strands necklace

Head on over to Yellow Blackbird for the detailed tutorial.

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Rachel of OddModicum

Wednesday 4th of December 2013

Oh wow, I ADORE this!! That accordian weave is so stunning! I might try this one today, actually. You know, you could make this with actual silk super cheap if you used inexpensive silk sari ribbon. I get mine from a fabulous etsy seller who imports it from India, and its SUPER cost effective, plus has an amazing sort of shabby fibery quality, and comes in tons of hombre shades. Here's a link, and Linda has loads of colors. Runs about $9 for 45 YARDS, so its cheaper than most ribbons. Thanks so much for the fabulous inspiration! Needed to make a gift for a friend today, and wasn't sure what I was going to come up with. This is perfect! Hugs & Hope, rachel of OddModicum


Wednesday 4th of December 2013

That's a great deal and very pretty ribbon. I'd love to see how your necklace comes out!

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