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A Vanity Like No Other

Do you need a vanity table? “It was not until the early part of the 20th century, during the Art Deco period in both Europe and America, that luxurious dressing tables came to epitomize the modern concept of glamour and luxury.”

Films would depict glamorous female stars sitting at a vanity table in their bedroom. Stacy from Anastasia Vintage shares with us her project of transforming a desk into a vanity. If unique is what you seek, then get out your paint and ruler. Stacy made Chevron stripes and gave a great tip to make the stripes crisp. Apply polycrylic to the edges of the tape before you paint, and the stripes will be perfect when you peel the tape away.

The one of a kind wood top was not included in this project, but she plans on sharing that for another post. If you do not want to wait to make the top, a nice piece of lumber with some stain will give you a beautiful top as well. Great project for a beginner DIYer.

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