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A Beautiful, Rustic Picnic Table So Easy Anyone Can Make It

Picnic tables can cost well into the hundreds when purchased brand-new. But you could build a nice rustic picnic table, like the one pictured here, with relative ease and at a low cost.

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Step 1: Select the type of wood you would like to use. The wood used in the picture are pre-cut walnut slabs for the top of the table and benches and uses 2 x 4s for support. The pre-cut walnut slabs give a nice, rustic appearance.

Photo: DIY Rustic Picnic Table

Step 2: Cut the slabs down to the length you want for your finished table (you can usually have your wood cut to your desired length right at the wood mill where you purchase it).

Step 3: Sand and plane the cut pieces so that your wood ends up with a nice and smooth finish.

Step 4: Make sure the table top is level.

Step 5: Lay the pieces, face down, on a flat surface.

Step 6: Chisel notches in the bottoms of each panel.

Photo: Face Down

Step 7: Tap the 2 x 4s into the notches and screw them into place, which will hold the tabletop pieces firmly into place and keep them level.

Step 8: With the table top securely fastened, attach the legs (clamped into shape) into the 2 x 4s in an “A” frame with screws and heavy-duty lag bolts.

Photo: Legs

Step 9: For extra support, screw a beam into the legs and to the middle of the table.

Step 10: Finally, finish the table with varnish or stain for protection against the elements.

Photo: Varnish

Step 11: Add a hearty meal and some good friends and enjoy!

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