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9 Wintry Decorations with Pine Cones

DIY Pine Cone Decor

Winter trees scatter pine cones all over the snow below. They make great fire starters and decorations, too!

Grab a basket and head outdoors to gather these free organic elements to spruce up your home for winter.

1. Pine Cone Wreath

Winter bears Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Valentine’s Day. If you’re like me, then you love having festive wreaths hung on your front door.

But I’ve found that a simple pine cone wreath is the perfect design for Winter when it’s not a holiday!

Or, simply keep up the pine cone wreath and add other embellishments for the holidays (colored leaves for Thanksgiving, ornaments for Christmas, and hearts for Valentine’s Day!)

2. Pine Cone Cluster

Some people prefer non-traditional wreaths to hang on their door, such as the cluster. But don’t feel confined to only your door!

This cluster of pine cones could be hung from your porch light, on a grand window, or simply from a nail on the wall.

Replace the satin bow with burlap for a rustic look, or lace for a fancier option.



3. Pine Cone Garland

Something about garland being strung from a fireplace is instantly cozy! This plush pine cone garland is a statement piece for every room in your home!

Can’t find enough pine cones outside, or want a minimalist look? A single row of pine cones would look just as stunning.

Lovers of modern style, feel free to saturate in paint or roll just the edges in color.

from howtodecorate

4. Pine Cone Owls

Children of all ages will adore these whimsical owls! Made with felt, it can be a great craft to enjoy withe the little ones in your life.

Personalize the eyes, colors, and shape of your owl. Super crafty? Design other animals, too!

5. Pine Cone Tree

After all, pine cones do come from trees, so it’s natural that they would design the perfect pine cone tree! A foam form and hot glue gun are all that’s required for this DIY.

As a table centerpiece, on a mantle, or displayed on your front porch, this pine cone tree will add the organic design element that you’re after!

6. Pine Cone Topiary

Topiaries always add an elegant aroma to the room. And a pine cone topiary makes these wintry pieces shine like Spring flowers!

I can envision this lining a mantle or arrayed on my dining table in various heights.

With a look like this, your pine cone topiary will be a timeless decoration that you can keep using year after year!

7. Pine Cones in Pots

Sometimes Winter feels so gloomy and dull. But the combination of pine cones, evergreen branches, and red bulbs is sure to brighten your day!

Simply arrange in a pot and put on display. It looks great on this front porch, but I can imagine this inside my home near my back door or in front of my fireplace.

The color just makes me smile!

8. Pine Cones from the Chandelier

It’s amazing how eye-catching this is! Adding a few pine cones to your chandelier over your dining table can winter-ize your room instantly!

9. Pine Cone Hanger

When hunting for your pine cones, your probably came across at least a few chunky sticks! Gather those, too, so you can create a beautiful pine cone hanger.

On a door or from a nail, this decoration is unique and Wintry for your home!


What other ways do you use pine cones in your home? I’ve seen some in candles, others in hurricane vases, and of course as Christmas ornaments. Share a link to your favorite pine cone tutorial!

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