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8 Simple DIY Screen Doors

Summer means it’s time to open up the windows and let the fresh air inside! Adding a screen door to your home can help to really let the cross winds flow.

I love the country feel of a screen door, and the practicality really can’t be beat.

Fresh air without bugs is always a win in my book. But have you looked at the price tag of a screen door?

Whew, it’s at the top of my budget! Which is why a simple DIY screen door is the best option.

You won’t break the bank by spending too much money, and you won’t break your back since these are simple and quick projects.

1 Simple Yellow Screen Door

A wooden frame with one simple cross beam is as simple (and cute!) as a DIY screen door can get. This project could be completed in no time, yet last for a lifetime!

2 Half Screen Door with Fabric

Wait, did you think that screen doors were only for outside? No way!

They are an amazing extension for your pantry as well. Like the door pictured below.

The solid panel on the bottom half can withstand the knocking of little hands and the taps shut by many feet.

The screen offers ventilation while the fabric offers privacy (in case your pantry isn’t very organized) and darkness (to help preserve things like potatoes and onions).

3 Boxy Blue Screen Door

Similar to the first DIY screen door, this one is simple yet has a bit more details. I love the look of multiple mini rectangles on the bottom.

It would allow more breezes to pass through without me worrying “is some little kid or dog gonna run right through my screen door?”

4 Green Adorned Screen Door

For those with fancier tastes, this door is what you’re looking for! The scroll work on the corners adds a charming character, but it’s not too overpowering.

And you can even buy those corner designs already made – no need to draw and stencil and cut out your own pattern! (Thank goodness!)

5 Sliding Colonial Screen Door

I’ve always associated doors with hinges. So this is honestly a brilliant idea: a screen door on a sliding track!

This particular DIYer has a bunch of little kids and dogs who literally ran right through her first screen door.

She needed a better solution that was kid and dog-friendly. So she decided on the sliding screen door for dogs and kids.

So far, she (and her kids and her dogs) love it! Don’t you?

diy screen door

sliding colonial screen door

6 Pallet Wood DIY Screen Door

Pallet wood is free. And that means this simple DIY is extremely budget friendly (it only requires hardware, screens, and wood stain!).

The wood looks perfect for an exterior door, and treats your wallet kindly, too.

Don’t feel trapped by this design – you can place the cross boards anywhere, including at an angle to the corner!

7. Rustic Garden Screen Door

Sometimes a raw wood screen door is exactly the style you’re looking for.

Who says paint or stain is a requirement? Wood, screens, handles, and hinges. 4 supplies needed for this easy DIY project.

8 Lace Screen Door

Maybe your grandma knew this trick and never told you. Because I’m certainly in love with this idea!

If you can’t find screens, try lace instead! Wash and starch it, then adhere it into place.

Ta-da. Fancy and one-of-a-kind screen door made specifically for you.

Screen doors aren’t essential, but they are definitely a helpful luxury.

They are like giant windows where you can let in the breeze to flow throughout your home.

But a typical screen door can be pricey. So, naturally, there must be a better DIY option!

Any of these 8 simply easy screen doors can be a quick and budget-friendly project. From simple boards to intricate designs to fabric or lacy patterns, you can make a DIY screen door today!


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