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8 Out-Of-This-World Ottomans

Ottomans are a beautiful, strong, essential thing. And no, I’m not referring to the Ottoman empire!

Ottomans are a study piece of furniture that serves many purposes: foot stool, coffee table, storage unit, magazine holder, designated home of your TV remotes, and possibly a stage (at least that’s what the ottoman is for at my niece’s house!).

But skip the boring, boxy ottomans and splurge for one of these truly out-of-this-world DIY ottoman designs!

Burlap Coffee Sack Ottoman

Coffee sacks and burlap are all the rage right now. But I would never have thought to use them for upholstery!

This little beauty looks rustic and weathered, yet study and able to withstand the future.

ottomanBucket Ottoman

If your patio seating area is missing a coffee table or foot stool, this bucket ottoman (which can be made with outdoor fabric) is the perfect solution for you! I could also see the fun fabric patterns and metal withstanding lots of wear-and-tear in a kid’s play room.

(Don’t forget, a bucket also creates a cool musical instrument for little ones to bang on!)

ottomanRope Ottoman

Grab a spool of jumbo rope and go to town on this rough yet sophisticated ottoman.

Inside or outside, the texture of this fun piece of furniture will withstand daily use and look great, too!

rope ottomanBurlap and Canvas Cube Ottoman

I know we already saw a burlap coffee sack ottoman. But check out how well the burlap blends and contrasts the white canvas fabric on this ottoman cube.

I’m sure you have some sort of storage cube or box in your home that could be covered with this simple slipcover of burlap and canvas!

ottomanDice Ottoman

How fun would this be for a kid’s room or bonus space? A wooden box is an easy DIY project.

Add hinges to the lid and you’ve got a storage cube. Paint black with white dots and you have a giant, playful dice!

ottomanRustic Milk Crate Ottoman

Old wood with a smooth stain is just comforting to the eyes and soul. Snatch an old milk crate from your local farmer’s market.

Find the perfect blend of soft, patterned fabric. Combine and enjoy as you prop your feet up on a fancy yet cozy ottoman!

ottoman7 Diamond Tufted Ottoman

You might look at this and say, “What’s so out-of-the-world about this ottoman?” I know it looks normal, but consider this. It’s massive – like almost as long as the couch.

It’s super thick, meaning it is supporting and soft.

It balances a Victorian style with rustic paint and modern fabric. Essentially, this ottoman could fit into any home.

That kind of versatility is out-of-this-world!

ottomanFaux Leather Pouf Ottoman

Influenced by the African culture, this sleek leather pouf feels new-age yet familiar.

Leather can be hard to style, but I have a feeling this compact, circular ottoman could find a place in your home.


I appreciate how ottomans can be so diverse and yet so practical.

Most of these are in living rooms, but I can envision them in a hearth room, study, patio, or a front porch.

Did you make a DIY ottoman? Share your plans with us, what you love and dislike, and the unique purposes that your ottoman serves (such as how my niece’s ottoman is a stage for her afternoon dance recitals!).

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