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8 DIY Car Organization Solutions That Actually Work

Do you have trouble keeping your car organized? I do. With camping trips, school events, and sporting activities, it can often be difficult keeping the inside of your car neat and tidy. These 8 solutions were compiled to help you keep the contents of your car organized and ready to go.

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1. Lounging Tote

Photo: Tote

Photo: Tote

This DIY tote and lawn towel is perfect for going to the beach, camping, sports events, and lawn-seat concerts. Get the full set of instructions here.

2. Back Seat Organizer

This back seat organizer is perfect for keeping all of your kid’s items neatly in place and within reach. Get the full instructions here.

3. Sun Visor Organizer

This sun visor organizer will keep everything, from your sunglasses to your pens, organized and within quick reach. Get the instructions to make your own here.

4. Handy Pop-Up Trunk Shelf

Keep your groceries from rolling around or getting crushed or keep valuables easily out of view. Get the full set of instructions here.

5. Trash Can

Photo: Trash Can

Use a cereal contain as a quick and easy trash can to keep trash bags from getting holes or spilling out.

6. Travel Organizer and Seat Protector

Make this nifty seat protector to lay under car seats plus this travel organizer. Get the instructions here.

7. Shower Caddy Meal Organizer

Use a dollar store shower caddy to keep food organized and within reach. Also doubles as a drink holder.

8. DIY Car Organizer

Make this DIY car organizer to keep your phone, trash bags, and extra small things organized. Get the instructions here.

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