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8 Clever Ways to Store Your Produce


Me and my family love fresh fruits and veggies! In the Summer and Fall we subscribe to a Co-op and receive a weekly box of produce grown locally.

Therefore, my counters and fridge are overflowing with colorful, nutritious foods.

But, if you’re like me, then you have one cute bowl that you stash all of your fresh fruit and veggies in. And when they don’t all fit…well you stack them up precariously high and hope that one touch doesn’t knock it all down like a house of cards!

Or  you put the rest in a old and cracked basket in your pantry or the produce bin in the fridge.

I honestly look at my cute bowl and wish it: 1. was bigger, and 2. had some holes so my produce wouldn’t get mushy on the bottom.

It’s the worst when I reach for a tomato and it has a smashed side, or when my apples are bruised from taking the brunt of the weight (because remember, it’s stacked like a skyscraper…).

With high hopes, I headed straight to the internet in order to discover a clever solution. As usual, my results didn’t disappoint!

Gain some inspiration for healthy eating with these design-savvy bins and baskets for fruit and veggie storage:

1. Counter Top Crates

Got extra crates laying around? Add some wood pegs for legs and combine them to create the perfect counter top produce storage shelf. The number of shelves can easily be tailored to uniquely fit into your kitchen.


2. Above the Counter Hanging Baskets

Low on counter space? Add a simple curtain rod or metal piping below your upper cabinets. Find some narrow baskets (check the Dollar Store!) and hang with S hooks.

Now your veggies can be right next to your cutting boards when it comes time to prep dinner.


3. In Your Drawers

Ever run out of onions or potatoes and didn’t realize it until they were gone?

Placing baskets in a drawer allows for easy access to all of your vegetables, ensuring that you can see when they’re running low on supply. Make sure your baskets have holes for air to circulate so your produce won’t go bad too quickly.


4. Side of the Cabinet Baskets

The ends of cabinets always seem like lost space. But I love this adorable idea to hang wicker baskets along the edge to store fruit.

Depending on your style, you could certainly use metal baskets, too. It’s handy and design-savvy!

Store your fruit and veggies in a basket on the side of your cabinets.

5. Baskets on the Wall

Yes, this is similar to #4. But the side of the cabinet and the wall can offer completely different amounts of space and opportunities for design.

I love how this organizer has all of the baskets connected to one piece of wood. It looks like a piece of art! Which means you can customize the paint color or wood stain to be identical to your cabinets.


6. Produce Cabinet

This little cabinet is too cute, with the chicken wire fronts and unique hardware.

If you are like me and always have loads of produce filling your kitchen, this piece of furniture is essential. Your food will last longer with the airflow from the wire fronts (and you could drill a few holes in the back, too).

You have at 3 divided compartments to separate items (like fruits and vegetables). And if you needed more space, you could combine extra baskets on the sides or place your old fruit bowl on top.

7. Produce Rack with Drawers

Do you or your family members have a hard time digging through the produce bowl to find what you’re looking for?

There will be no more worries about lost fruits or disappearing vegetables (other than into your stomach!) This rack provides multiple crate-like drawers so that each type of produce can claim it’s own shelf.

Add little labels to the front and there will be no more excuses of “I can’t find it!”

8. A Produce Island

Caution: Your dream kitchen may require one of these islands! This piece of furniture offers the ultimate options for storage.

You have a variety of crates to suit every kind of fruit and vegetable. The left and right columns look perfect for bulk potatoes and onions.

The center column of open baskets would be convenient for everyday apples and bananas that gets gobbled up quickly. 

Don’t forget the amazing bonus storage of the side shelves, extra space on the back, and the additional work space on top! (I see you daydreaming about how you can add this beauty to your kitchen…and I’m dreaming with you!)



Alleviate your fears of ruined tomatoes or bruised fruit. Graduate beyond your basic produce bowl.

Grab a few extra fruits and vegetables on your grocery store run without worrying where you will store them.

Spice up your kitchen with these clever produce storage options, and your body will appreciate all of the extra fresh foods!

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