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7 Natural Landscaping Ideas

There is not one exact definition when defining what is a natural landscape, as people have different visions and ideas.

With a natural landscape, many detrimental landscape practices can be minimized or eliminated. The natural design aims not only to reduce these negative effects but to make a positive contribution to the surrounding environment as well.

Natural landscaping ideas are great for large properties and spacious backyards.

Although, even small backyards can feature a tiny natural garden that a wildlife-friendly place into a modern lifestyle.

The key is deciding how you want your landscape to look and maintaining it.

Just make it your own by adding your personal touch and keep these ideas in mind. The environment around you will benefit greatly from a natural landscape.

There are so many possibilities when designing and creating your landscape and garden.

If you’re looking to create a natural landscape, then here are some backyard decorating tips to keep in mind. Just remember to keep your personal taste in mind and also remember to have fun with it.

1. Flagstone Path

Stone pathways do not only add character and beauty to a garden but also functionality.

It can provide a pathway to your garage, shed, or any other area in your lawn or garden. To add a more naturalistic feel you can build the walkway in the middle of trees or plants.

This is a great way of creating a forest feeling and look in your garden. Also, using stone slab steps makes it look like the steps happened naturally. For more ideas, check out this post with walkway ideas.

2. Wildflower Garden

A wildflower garden is a very simple way of giving your backyard a natural look.

A good tip to making it look like a garden is to try and keep the edges neat and use a mowing strip of grass to help some plants from spreading to the rest of your yard and make it look more together.

You can also incorporate some flowers that aren’t wild to your garden. This will give it more of a garden look.

Adding artwork or accessories to your garden will help to create the look that you’re going for. Growing plants that are native to your area it’s great because you know that the plants are predisposed to grow well in your yard.

For you, that means less maintenance, watering and less money spent buying replacements for dead plants.

3. Natural Lawn Dividers

HAAMMSS "Natural Rock Lawn Divider"

HAAMMSS “Natural Rock Lawn Divider”

Using natural materials to create a divider in your yard is a great way of achieving the natural look that wan tin your yard.

Some good options are vines, trees, bushes, and rocks.

One good thing about rocks is that they don’t require much maintenance and  if maintained, they can last forever.

You can have fun with it and shape or line up the rocks any way that you want.

4. Help Wildlife

Making your yard livable for plants and animals is an amazing way of helping your local wildlife.

You can start by not using chemical insecticides or weed killers. Take note of the kinds of birds, bugs and other animals that frequent your yard and make changes that will attract them.

You can attract more birds by setting bird feeders in the trees around your yard.

5. Water Feature

A water feature can definitely give your landscape a more natural look.

To stick to the natural look, go for a simple pond or stream with a natural shape. You can complement it by adding river rocks and other landscaping stones.

If you want a more dramatic look for your landscape, you can try adding a waterfall with boulders and rocks. This it would make it look like a natural fall that might come across in the woods.

6. Mix Up Your Plant Types

Variety is a great way to make your landscape look more natural.

Using all one type or species of a plant gives your garden a uniform look that doesn’t really occur in a natural setting.

By incorporating different kinds of plants you’ll be able to create a landscape that looks more natural and not so much planned.

Use different size and color plants and your garden will look more natural.

7. Rain Garden

A rain garden is a plant bed that collects rain runoff from your roof, driveway, patio or other waterproof outdoor surface.

A pipe connected to a downspout or an above-ground channel conveys the water to the garden.

In a rain garden, the excess water is absorbed quickly into the soil. A rain garden is built in a shallow depression to allow the garden to hold water for a short period of time while it is absorbed into the soil.  

Rain gardens are very inexpensive to build and can be installed on just about any property. A rain garden provides a huge ecological benefit, all while adding to the beauty of your yard.

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