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Inexpensive & Festive Deer Head Wall Decor

Rhiannon from Being Mom{me} had been swooning over the “fauxdermy” pieces from West Elm, ZGallerie, and the like.

She just couldn’t quite justify the cost for a trendy decorative accessory that she might change her mind about in a month.

While browsing at Michaels, Rhiannon stumbled upon the perfect (yet affordable) solution in a paper deer head for only $15.

She took it home for a quick coat of white paint and hung it on the wall.

She says, “The end result… Super cheap… Super easy… Guiltlessly disposable!”

DIY Wall Decor Faux Deer Head

Here is the exact paper mache deer head that Rhiannon used for her project.

If you want to try this project, this is a no-brainer to get the West Elm look!

Paper deer head

Rhiannon was inspired by pieces like the Papier-Mache Animal Sculptures White Deer from West Elm.

papier mache white deer

Find all the details to get in on the faux deer head trend at Being Mom{me}.

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Judy H.

Wednesday 12th of November 2014

Is anyone truly serious about these deer, moose, elk heads or antlers? Are they simply a part of "whimsical decor"? I find them extemely morose.

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