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7 Creative Uses of Beer Bottles

Holding a house party can be fun, where you can drink and have fun with your friends. But where do you take your bottles of beer or wine after the party? Most people actually do not see any value in them and end up throwing them away. However, if they could only realize how useful they can be, they would collect them and store them. Beer bottles can be very useful in many ways if used creatively.

Group Of Bottles

This article lists some of the creative ways of using beer bottles.

1. Beer Bottle Shot Glasses

This is a creative way to come up with a shot glass for personal use. It mostly applies to the top part of the beer bottle. If cut accurately, it can assist in measuring beer shots in an event where there are no actual shot glasses.

2. Glass Bottle Tiki Torch

Though this method does not require cutting, it is very easy to come up with. All that is needed is a wick, flammable fuel, and a hollow bottle top. The beer bottle glass tiki torch is ideal for the backyard barbecue and other similar events.

3. Garden Borders

This is more of DIY art that you can do for outdoor decorations. The procedure requires filling the bottles with dirt and then burying them one by one upside down in the ground. The bottom of the bottle should stick about 5 inches above the ground and with a small distance from one another. Use different colors for an enhanced earthy mosaic glass effect. Garden borders can apply well in enclosing garden beds or for encircling the front yard of a home.

4. Create Drinking Glasses

Beer bottles can create very bold and beautiful drinking glasses. To create drinking glasses with a beer bottle, you must be extra careful. Use an accurate bottle cutter such as the vintage bottle cutter to ensure the edges are smoother and safer.

5. Build A Chandelier

Both beer and wine bottles can be creatively turned into a beautiful chandelier. Here, you can attach several of them to a metal suspender and use it as a chandelier. Beer bottle chandeliers are very beautiful and can serve better to add life in dull rooms.

6. Rolling Pin

Beer bottles can be used as a makeshift rolling pin in the kitchen. Supposing you don’t have a rolling pin or you just want to be creative, these bottles can be of great value. Using beer bottle as rolling pin is interesting especially when working/baking with friends or your loved ones.

7. Aquariums and Fish Tanks

Big beer bottles can be used as fish tanks where they are more appealing. This is especially if you use colored ones that can display a great array of colors together with the colorful fish inside. Nonetheless, the smaller ones can be placed inside the aquariums to add elegance.

In summary, there are more about beer bottles that many people do not know. Read this article for more ideas on how to use beer bottles creatively.They are strong thus they are durable and safe compared to other glasses. Beer bottles should not be thrown away, instead, we should use them to build stuff in our home. This can not only save on the environment pollution, but also help us be creative.

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