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6 Unique Gifts for Animal Lovers You Can DIY

It’s not always easy to pick out the perfect gift for someone you love. However, if your special someone is an animal lover, these gifts might be the answer you’ve been looking for.

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1. Framed Pet Silhouette

Find a good, clear picture of your loved one’s pet. Make a copy and cut out the shape of the pet. Lay the cut-out over the page out of a book or a nice wrapping paper. Frame and gift.

Photo: Silhouette

Photo: Silhouette

Photo: Silhouette

2. TV Fish Tank

Remove the guts out of an old console TV and insert a fish tank, lighting, and filter.

3. Dot-Painted Pet Bowls

Use transfer paper to transfer the outline of the pet’s name onto the bowls. Firmly trace the outline of each letter. Use paint bottle to squeeze dots on the outline. Let dry then wipe away the transfer lines with a baby wipe. Bake the letters on if desired.

Photo: Pet Bowl

Photo: Pet Bowl

Photo: Pet Bowl

4. Feather Cat Toy

Cut out several paper feathers in different sizes. Add jump rings and bells and run string or cord through jump rings. Use real feathers if you prefer.

5. Printed Paw Print

Create a paw print stencil first out of poster board or cardboard. Hand-print the name(s) of the pet(s) and add several words that describe the animal lover’s furry friend(s).

Photo: Paw Print

6. Statue Lamp

Buy a lamp kit or a used lamp at a thrift store. Find a plastic model and spray paint silver or bronze. Create a lampshade to match and perhaps you could end up with a lamp like this.

Photo: Lamp

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