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6 Great Places to Put Wall Decals in Your Home


Do you want to add a bit more flare and style to your plain walls? Can’t find framed art that fits your design? No worries, try out wall decals!

Wall Decals are typically vinyl. They are easy to apply and remove (making this a great design choice for renters!).

They can range from small sizes, like polka dots, all the way up to an entire wall landscape.

The beautiful thing is that often you can personalize them to fit the particular words, pictures, and colors that you desire.

Jump in as we explore 6 of the places you can add wall decals in your home.

A quick search online will show you that the options are endless, so this is simply meant to inspire you rather than provide you with all of your choices.

1. Kitchen and Dining

Whether you’re a gourmet chef, microwave Queen, or the family that hires a caterer, you probably spend a fair amount of time in your kitchen.

Why not spice up the bare space between you countertops and upper cabinets with some fun phrases?

Or display a catchy slogan beside your dining table. It will make you smile as you whip up a meal, and is sure to be a conversation starter with your dinner guests!

If cooking isn’t much your style, but you are the main barista, have no fear.

Personalize your words to reflect your preferences: coffee, tea, wine, beer, or all of the above!

2. Living Room

Aside from the kitchen, the living room tends to be where the crowds of people congregate.

Display your family’s mission statement, house rules, or family blessing on the walls of your living room.

Your kids will read it every day as they pass by the phrases. Your guests will immediately have a snapshot into your personal beliefs.

Perhaps you have a favorite phrase about love, home, or relationships?

Apply the decal and intersperse with photos to make a statement wall. It’s purposeful and looks pretty!

from Two Little Giggles, Trading Phrases, and Open Heart Creations

from Two Little Giggles (1, 2, 3), Trading Phrases, and Open Heart Creations

3. Bedroom

Married couples are sure to love the cute, catchy phrases, like “Morning beautiful & Morning Handsome” or “Her side…His side.”

But singles can still stamp some words above the bed for character and style.

I like “Give it to God and go to sleep…” or even something simple like, “Sweet dreams…”

Consider your personality and select what should be the last words you see before bed and the first words you observe when you wake up.

4. Bathroom

I know this may sound weird to hang up a wall decal in the bathroom.

I mean, there typically isn’t a ton of space in there, right?! All the more reason use decals!

They take up zero space but fill the area with a splash of fun! Go nautical with octopus, ducks, or bubbles.

Add charm with an old-fashioned bath sign. Or pop in youthful energy with bright colors and rubber duckies!

5. Playroom and Kid’s Bedroom

I don’t even have kids yet, but these are my absolute favorite wall decals! I mean, you can add an entire scene to the wall (I’m super creative but not artistic enough to paint it myself!)

Stick up words like “play” or “laughter.” Attach the alphabet with fun script.

Depict a mountain scene, animal-filled zoo, princess castle, or superhero haven. The options are endless.

If you kid has a favorite theme, you’re sure to find it browsing an online shop like Etsy.

Have fun and don’t be afraid to be bold in your choices!

6. Laundry Room

It’s inevitable that laundry will pile up.

Meaning that you will have to spend some time in the laundry room. Why be stuck in a boring laundry room when you can spend time in a stylin’ one?

Apply a wall decal that fits your style. Spring for a joke, such as a sock decal with the phrase “Still looking for my perfect match”.

Your teenage kids will surely laugh if you post, “Self-service laundry room. Open 24 hours. Help yourself!”

from Royce Lane Creations, Two Little Giggles, Amanda's Designer Decals, and LuxeLoft

from Royce Lane Creations, Two Little Giggles, Amanda’s Designer Decals, and LuxeLoft

What other places do you have wall decals in your home?

How would they look in your entryway, on a mirror, or even on furniture?

Wall decals add unique artistic touches with simple application and lasting impressions! The best part is that you can safely remove them and transfer them to another wall.

Remember this tip if you move houses or switch around bedrooms in your home.

But most of all, be bold and have fun with wall decals! They will look great in every room of your home.

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