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5 Ways to Get Rid of Mold in Your House for Good

How to treat mold

If you live in a particularly damp climate, you are probably prone to getting mold in your home. It can grow anywhere from corners in the closet to the pages of the books on your bookshelves. Not to mention the bathroom walls.

But, you don’t have to live with it forever! There are some proven methods to get rid of mold. All you need is a little time, effort, and patience to get it cleared out and gone for good.

Whether you’re just trying to remove a spot or two or an entire infestation, we’ve got you covered. Keep reading to learn more about how to get rid of mold where you live.

5 Ways to Get Rid of Mold in Your House for Good

There are some things you can do before you call the professionals and also to prevent the need to call them at all. Take a look.

1. How to Clean Mold From Fabric

If dampness on furniture or clothing is caught early, you can use a regular bristle brush to wipe away the mold. If the fabric is washable, you can put it in the washing machine with a disinfectant.

If it is not washable, wipe down with soap and water and allow to dry.

2. How to Remove Mold From Leather

To remove mold from leather simply wipe it down with a damp cloth. Dry with a soft, dry cloth and apply leather conditioner immediately.

3. The Best Way to Clean Mold from Books and Papers

For books and papers, you’ll want to place them out in the open sun or under a dry lamp. Be careful with a lamp to not cause a fire.

You can also wipe the pages carefully with a damp cloth soaked in hydrogen peroxide.

4. Removing Mold From Tile and Grout

Bathrooms are the most popular areas of a home to grow mold. Mix one part bleach to sixteen parts water and spray on the affected areas. Wipe down with a dry cloth.

5. Get Rid of Mold on Household Appliances

Appliances are also popular breeding grounds for mold as they hold moisture.

Clean dishwashers and washing machines on the hot water cycle with chlorine bleach at least once per month to prevent and kill mold.

Final Thoughts

Getting rid of mold can be an overwhelming chore. Keep these tips in mind as you tackle the problem in your home so you can be rid of it once and for all.

A few added tips include using tea tree oil, vinegar, grapefruit extract, chlorine bleach, alcohol spray and/or varnish along with a dehumidifier to resolve the mold.

A dehumidifier also works great on its own after the mold has been cleared.

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