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5 Perfect Places to Toss a Throw Blanket


It’s getting colder! Which means I’ve pulled out my fluffy sweaters, warm socks, and cozy blankets.

Some of my sweetest memories involve being wrapped in a blanket while watching holiday movies next to my twinkling Christmas tree.

Blankets not only keep you warm, but they make your home beautiful as well!

Every room has space for a blanket: living room, front porch , or bedroom. Folded, rolled, or neatly laid, a blanket can add whichever type of style you prefer.

Here are my top 5 favorite spots to toss a throw blanket!

1. Throw Blankets on a Chair

Cozy up your living room by folding over a throw blanket on an armchair.

Lay it over the arm like picture 1. Fold it neatly like picture 2, or drape it over the chair like photo 3. Picture 4 welcomes you to have a seat, while neatly folded number 5 is inviting, too!

Don’t hesitate to curl up with a good book and a cup of coffee. The blanket is sure to keep you warm!

2. Throw Blankets on a Couch

A couch may seem similar to an armchair, but it offers additional ways to add a throw to your living room furniture.

Drape a few blankets along the arm like in the first photo. This is a great way to mix and match textures (consider fur, cable knit, cashmere, or fleece!).

A neatly folded blanket (like picture 3) makes for straight lines and, if your armrest is wide enough, it can function as a side table, too!

For more blanket and less couch, open up the blanket and lay it across the couch like in picture 2.

This offers a chance for you to seasonally change your decor, such as using a Christmas or Winter themed throw blanket.

3. Throw Blankets on Outdoor Furniture

Invite your friends and family into your home with a cozy front porch. A plaid throw speaks Christmas cheer, while grays and whites are perfect for Winter.

Fabric throw blankets, soft lighting, and organic elements are the best ways to decorate your porch for the season.

Plus, you can wrap up in a comfy blanket while you wait for your guests to arrive!

4. Throw Blankets on a Bed

Every bed in your home will be prepared for the season with a throw blanket.

You can fold it with crisp lines long the foot of the bed, or fold it on an angle over the corner. These work best for small knits and furs. But if you have a large knit throw, it looks best wrinkled up or literally tossed on the bed!

Don’t be afraid to let the throw drift lightly to the floor-this looks casual and relaxed.

5. A Basket of Throw Blankets

When all else fails, don’t stuff the blankets in the closet or cupboard. Grab a basket, any kind will do (wooden, wire, wicker). Fold the blankets in squares, roll them up like a log, or simply  toss them in.

Pillows also look good in the basket!

Keep this visible and handy where people congregate, like near your couch or television. An open basket means that anyone can grab a throw when they feel chilly or want to snuggle.

Don’t feel like your basket is obvious enough? Attach a tag that reads “please snuggle” or “grab a blanket!”


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After all this talk of blankets, I’m ready to curl up with my blanket, book, and a warm cup of tea!

Fleece, wool, cashmere, and fur are always inviting to snuggle. Where is your favorite place to toss a throw blanket? Do you have any other creative places to add a blanket?

This year I’ll be adding one to my front porch.

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