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5 DIY Desks That Any Office Would Be Proud to Have

1. Pottery Barn Inspired Corner Desk

For this Pottery Barn inspired project, you will need a corner desk and a pair of wooden file cabinets. Remove all of the hardware and the legs from the desk and paint the top of the desk. Paint the cabinets to match and add braces to the desk using metal plates and banister inserts.


2. Recycled Door Desktop

Using an old solid wood door you can easily create your own desk from scratch. Cut the legs yourself or buy them pre-made from your local hardware store. The hole where the door knob went becomes the perfect place to run cords and cables through for clever hiding.

3. Mini Laptop Desk

Photo: Desk

This mini laptop desk is the perfect solution for a small space and a small laptop. Using the diagram below, cut your wood (or have it cut at the lumber) to the sizes you need and assemble. Attach the top of the desk to the wall to hold it up.

Photo: Desk

4. Large DIY Custom Desk

Photo: Desk

Using cabinets as a base, you can build this desk in any custom dimensions you choose. Once you’ve decided on how you want your desk to look, measure and guy buy your pine planks for the desktop. Sand and paint or stain the planks. Line the planks up and secure them together using connection plates. Using a hole saw, cut out holes where you will want your cords to fit through.

5. Mid Century Modern Desk

Photo: Desk

This project is perfect if you only have one cabinet or if you simply love the mid-century look. Go to your local hardware store or thrift store and pick up a pair of table legs. Sand and paint or stain your finished top then attach the desk top to the cabinet and legs.

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