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5 Decorations to Fuel Your Wanderlust


If you crave adventures, love to explore the world, and travel as a hobby, then you most definitely experience wanderlust.

But often wanderlust requires you to work hard, save plenty, and dream big.

So, while you’re planning your next thrilling excursion, decorate your home to inspire your travels. Use decor to fuel your passion for exploration.

Allow the globes, maps, and travel quotes to expand your dreams.

So dream on, friend, and be proud of those ambitions! And let everyone who enters your home know exactly what your passions are through your decorative style.


Start with Your Door

Every time you cross your threshold, be reminded of your dreams.

“Just go” and “Adventure awaits” are encouraging you along the right path. Can’t find the perfect mat you’re looking for? It’s easy enough to paint your own (directions here)!

Dream of the World

Lay your head down on one of these pillows and dream of your adventures across the globe!

These travel-inspired pillows truly come in every color, which means they will match any decor style. Pick your phrase, like “wanderlust” or “to travel is to live” or personalize a travel quote just for you.

These puffy pillows make great accents for your bed, couch, or armchair. Not only will they promote your aspirations, but hopefully your guest’s as well!

Better yet, when you head out with a group on a bus tour, such as when you use Amarillo party buses, you and your friends can each take along these travel themed pillows to both get in the adventure spirit and for comfort!


To travel is to live, wanderlust (top right), wanderlust (center), let’s go places, wanderlust (bottom right)

Hang Your Dreams on a Hook

When you think of travel decor, you obviously consider maps.

A simple internet search will hit millions of map ideas on paper, plastic, metal, or wood.

I love the wall collage where your favorite destination photos surround a world map. You can also find maps with your favorite travel quote (just like the pillows!).

On my wish-list is this Scratch-off Map, so it’s easy to view where I’ve been and the places I have yet to visit. But don’t exclude planes, trains, or automobiles!

This DIY airplane art is a less obvious way of making a travel statement in your home.

And don’t be fooled-planes and trains can fit in to more rooms than just a little’s boys bedroom!

Have the Time of Your Life

Every world traveler knows about time zones and jet lag.

What a fun idea to display the local time for your favorite cities across the globe with separate wall clocks? (Mine would probably bear a dozen cities, including Nashville, TN, USA and Interlaken, Switzerland).

Only have room for one wall clock?

Find a way to cover the clock with a map from your favorite ares.

Or, purchase the mini alarm clock for your nightstand, ensuring the world map is the last thing you seen before sleep and the first thing you notice in the morning.

Bookshelf Wonders

Add a little travel wonder to your bookshelf and tabletops with these few pretty items.

Of course, it goes without saying, that an explorer needs a globe!

But, once again, select a fun phrase and hand paint it on to your twirling globe.

Or, cut up a map and paste different locations on to wooden cubes. (This would be an excellent conversation starter…roll the map dice and see where you land!).

And I’ve saved my favorite idea for last!

Memory boxes stamped with your travel destinations make an excellent accent for your shelves.

Make a box for each city/country on your travel bucket list. That way, after your adventures, you have a dedicated spot to store your photos, momentos, and other memorabilia.

Consider these as upcycled photo albums.

Your friends and guests love to view your old photos, and this makes it easy for them to see where your adventurous spirit has soared before!


labeled photo boxes, black globe, map blocks, blue globe

Got the travel bug? Been diagnosed with wanderlust? Can’t shake the feeling there’s more to explore?

Deck out your home with these travel-inspired items to keep you dreaming.

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Friday 18th of August 2017

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