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5 Amazing Hacks to Improve Your Camping Experience

1. Glowing Stools

These cool glow-in-the-dark log stools would be the perfect out-of-this-world seating arrangement. What an easy way to spice up your backyard seating area or very cool for the campfire! There’s nothing we love more than an outdoor cookout on a summer night. Sitting around the fire, enjoying nature, and cooking up delicious meals are what summer is known for around here. And you don’t even have to worry about tripping over the logs when the fire goes down.

2. Frugal & Natural Fly & Ant Trap

This is Lindsay’s simple fruit fly trap. I’ve used this method and it really does work. I have a stash of empty, old pickle jars and use a few of them for projects like this. I also add about a tablespoon of dishwashing soap to the other ingredients that Lindsay uses. If you have fruit flies, in particular, this is an excellent method. To find out exactly how to make it, click on the link below the photo.

Photo: Frugal & Natural Fly & Ant Trap

3. Table-top Solar Lights

Solar lights are a camper’s best friend, for sure! There is no better way to illuminate your camping area than placing solar lights all around it. However, if your table area is anything like mine, it is always too dark. Fix this problem by taking those solar lights out of the ground and placing them in the hole of an upside-down terracotta planter (or a cardboard box). For a really pretty look, take several of the tops of solar lights and place them in a glass bowl or tie them to the backs of chairs.

4. Handwashing Station

Keeping clean is usually one of the hardest parts of camping for campers with kids and though we cringe a little when we do it, most of us resort to using the freezing cold cooler water for pre-meal washing. Give your family a clean-water hand-washing station with an empty (and well-rinsed out) laundry jug with a spout. *Tip: Leave a little bit of diluted laundry soap in one jug for quick washing of swimming clothes and towels.

5. OTC Medicine Dispenser

Every good camping mama knows that the first aid kit is one of the most important things to pack. Instead of packing that bulky medicine bag full of OTC medicines, why not bring a smaller container, such as this handing medicine dispenser. Attach the labels from the portable medicine boxes or write on masking tape. Genius!


What amazing camping tips can you offer to our readers?

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